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Aug 30, 2006 09:13 PM

Food Bookstore in SF, Marin, or East Bay?

I'm looking for a bookstore that specializes in food writing and/or cookbooks. Food doesn't have to be the store's sole specialty, but I'd love your recommendations on bookstores that have great selections of food-oriented bits. Thanks!

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  1. Cody's on 4th st has an excellent selection of food & wine writing and cookbooks.

    1. Point Reyes Station Bookstore. An amazing food section for a town of less than 1000 people. Heck, they carry The Art of Eating newsletter in the magazine section....

      1. Mo's on Telegraph had a huge section last time I was there trading in cookbooks for store credit.

        They're mainly used books, but many are in perfect shape. They've always had a very wide and eclectic selection of cookbooks.

        The most interesting thing was that I tried to trade in the French Laundry Cookbook and they wouldn't take it. They said they already had more copies than they knew what to do with. They said they'd take it in their charity donation box.