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Aug 30, 2006 08:40 PM

Chinese Restaurants - The DVD.

Been watching this DVD set called Chinese Restaurants. It's by a Canadian Chinese (from Singapore) who goes around the world looking for Chinese restaurants in different countries. When he finds one he interviews the owner and talks to them about how they get to where they are, etc. It's more a Chinese diaspora thing than a food thing. But it's very interesting. So far I have seen episodes of South Africa, Mauritian Island, and Cuba.

If you are interested just pluck "DVD, Chinese restaurants" into a search engine.

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  1. That's awesome! Can you describe it a little more?

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      This guy travels all over the world. At each place he finds a Chinese restaurant. He interviews the owner and family. He gets their stories, how they got to be where they are, what's their lives like as Chinese in a "foreign" land, how they are treated by locals. The set consists of about 4 DVD's, with several episodes on each.

    2. I saw some of these short movies at the Asian American Film Festival in the Bay Area a few years ago. Definitely interesting, but a little tiring if you watch a bunch at once, so the DVD option sounds great. My personal favorite moment was the one about the Chinese Muslim family that opened a restaurant in Turkey, and how outraged they are when Turkish people ask if they serve pork. The matriarch of the family is shown saying, "Turkish people are not good Muslims!"

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        The siren's song of Chinese pork (char siu, pork dumplings, any dim sum item) has broken down the resolve of many a Jew and Muslim of my acquaintance. Californians, apparently, are not "good" Muslims (or Jews) either!

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          A friend once told a hilarious story about her friend, a Muslim, who said that if he weren't Muslim, the first thing he would eat would be bacon. Even though he'd never tasted it, it smelled so good!
          My favorite kind of vegetarian is the kind that eats bacon :)

      2. The full title of the 5-DVD set is, "Chinese Restaurants: Stories From A Diaspora." I think it was conceived as a TV series. The ones I've seen have been interesting but occasionally he forgets to talk about the food.

        Here's the official site: