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Aug 30, 2006 08:09 PM

Good delivery on West Side...

I am 3 weeks away from delivering our first child. My husband and I suspect we're going to be doing a lot of delivery for the next couple of months.

Can Chowhounders recommend restaurants that have tasty, reliable delivery in the West LA area? (We live near the National exit off the 10 freeway).

Thank so much...I'll start collecting menus right away!

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  1. we live in Palms. Not sure what types/quality of cuisine you are looking for, but for Pizza, we often order from Pazzo on Oylmpic at sepulveda or Mama's on Motor and National. For Chinese, either Hong Kong on Westwood @Santa monica or Wok on Fire. We haven't ordered from them in a while, but Natalee thai on venice and clarington also delivers.

    1. I'd recommend India's Oven (the Westwood Blvd. location). They deliver and have very reasonable prices, and good quality food.

      1. Cheng Du on Pico between Sawtelle and Barrington for amazing value lunch specials -- mongolian beef, shredded pork with broccoli a la Cheng Du, shrimp in spicy garlic sauce. Entrees with rice and spring roll about $5 (a buck more for shrimp), but you miss their wonderful hot and sour soup.

        Siam Chan on Santa Monica Blvd. and Barry (behind the 20/20 video) for Thai. I like their stuffed wings, mee krob, spicy wide noodles, and curry. They box their crispy delivery dishes in dishes with cutouts to release the steam to avoid wilting.

        I don't think Hervey's sandwiches on Palms and Motor delivers, but they have good pastrami, cheese-steaks, and rice plates with good portions and reasonable prices, as well as friendly service. Or have the hubby pick up sandwiches at one of the last remaining Togos on Venice in that Albertson's complex.

        1. First off ... big congrats on your upcoming arrival! As much as I love to cook, I have no idea how I've amassed such a collection of take-out and delivery menus ... but let my laziness be a blessing to you! ;) We wind up ordering out about one night a week (we're located up by Roxbury Park). Here are a few of our favorites (in order of how much we love them)...

          Bossa Nova /Brazilian
          Awesome service and the food is jusst as fab when delivered as it is in the restaurant. They have two locations

          Fu's Palace / Chinese
          One of the top two Chinese delivery spots on the Westside ... we've tried them all

          Wok on Fire / Chinese & Sushi
          One of the top two Chinese delivery spots on the Westside ... they deliver sushi ... yum!

          Spark Woodfire Grill / American
          Delish and also as good delivered as restaurant quality

          There is also a great delivery service that you can look up online ... They will let you order from places like ChinChin, Islands, Champage, Daily Grill, CPK and they go pick it up for you and deliver it. The delivery charge is about $5 buck, I think ... well worth it if y'all want to stay at home and spend more time with your little one!

          Best of luck to you ... on a side note ... have you heard of the "pregnancy salad" at Caioti Pizza in Studio City? If you get antsy toward your due date, two of my friends have dined there and gone into labor the following week. ;)

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          1. re: Daisy Gatsby

            I have to say - one of the worst meals of my life was had at Spark. Salad with tasteless dressing, and really, I don't remember anything else I had because it was so disgusting. Granted, it was a work banquet, but I have had better meals at cheap catered weddings with rubber chicken (and that's saying a LOT). Please, please, do not go there and throw away your money!

            1. re: Chestnut

              Wow ... I've never had a salad there, but we've dined there several times with friends and it has always been really good for the price and area. The delivery has stood up on the drive too ... although we live in BH so we're not far away enough for it to take it's toll on the food. I'd say give it another go ... although, I know how it is when you have a bad meal somewhere. Sometimes you just can't make yourself go back through the doors! ;)

          2. I've never ordered out from Chan Dara West L.A. but have eaten in there - I see they do deliver. It's Thai fusion. My husband and I both love the duck dinner, and I also love the salmon - basically everything I've gotten there has been good. (There are several Chan Dara restaurants around and you'll find other threads here about them.)