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Aug 30, 2006 07:48 PM

All Star Sandwich Bar lived up the hype

I grabbed The Gobbler today. It was very good. The turkey was moist, the sausage stuffing is addictive and the orange cranberry relish is so_damn_good! The relish really made the sandwich, the perfect balance of sweet, tart, and citrus. I wish it was a side. The bread was just okay. I thought it was a bit dry. Overall it was pretty great and even on a warm day like this it has me longing for Thanksgiving leftovers.

My friend got the muffaletta and it was great. I've spent a lot of time in NOLA and always bring jars of olive salad home from Central Grocery. I can't tell how happy I am that someone around here understands that a muffaletta just isn't a muffaletta without that salad. It's a delicious oily mess. I'll be ordering this at my next visit. It's absolutely the best muffaletta I've had outside of NOLA.

I called in my order ahead of time and was so glad I did since there was a line out the door when I picked it up. Chris was there taking phone orders and checking on customers. I really like what he's done with the space. The open kitchen is great and the open room is very cheery. I'll be back again and again. This place is a terrific addition to the neighborhood.

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  1. Is seating available or is it all take-out?

    1. There are about 40 seats. They serve beer and wine too.

      I've tried 7 different sandwiches and all were fantastic. So far, I love the Texas Reuben and Atomic Meatloaf Meltdown (with Inner Beauty hot sauce) the most.

      Chili is excellent: no beans, plenty of meat and bursting with flavor even though it doesn't have the pepper heat you might expect from a Schlesinger venture.

      1. I also went to the ASSB today, had griddled black forest ham and vermont cheddar on rye. Great bread - nicely toasted, flavorful ham and cheese. There's an onion-ginger chutney on the sandwich, I'd say it needs some bite, couldn't taste it at all and it was maybe too watery... dripping all over the plate; maybe the sandwich needed a little salt as well. Nice place inside, great selection of sandwiches and wine/beer. Chris Schlesinger was there at the counter, very much in charge.

        Walked down the street, got some beers and Bukowski's and some oysters with white sangria at East Coast Grill (after hearing about the sangria on Chowhound).

          1. Are all the sandwiches 'put together' or can one make their own combinations?