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Aug 30, 2006 07:46 PM

Old Warsaw (Dallas) Recommended?


We will be traveling to Dallas soon and were intrigued by a newspaper review of Old Warsaw. I thought I would ask local Dallas Chowhounds their opinions.

  1. If you pine for the "good old days" of Continental food, Old Warsaw might be your place.

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    1. re: Kirk

      I once got a souffle' there, that I could throw a brick at and it wouldn't have fallen.

    2. I have not been to Old Warsaw in years so I can't comment on the food or service, but this restaurant does a lot of heavy advertising in the Dallas Morning News which always makes me leary of any restaurant when I see that.

      If you are looking for an Old World experience, I would strongly recommend The French Room in the Adolphus Hotel.

      1. DON'T DO IT! I was there for my birthday last year and it was pathetic. drab ambience, uninspired menu and mediocre food. The only possitive things I can say is that the soup and salad portions were generous and we were seated next to Ross Perot and his wife. HA!

        Now, I cannot provide you with an alternative "old world" option however, here are some of my favorites eats in town.

        1.York Street - Sharon Hage is the chef/owner of this tiny gem on Lewis off Skillman. Seats about 40 people. the food is artistic and delicate but absolutely intrigueing. Every time i read her menu I feel like a moron and I love it! It is so rare for a foodie to be surprised by ingredients you've never heard of or offerings you don't often find available. Calves Brains, Gooseneck Barnacles, Sturgeon, Chocolate soup! Sublime. $5-$14 aps, $18-$28 mains.

        2.Ali Baba - Sam is Lebonese and his little old mother is in the kitchen churning out some of the tastiest food in town. we always have the baba, a greek salad (do not miss it) and chicken kabob. juicy and delicious! The rice is absolutely evil. On Lower Greenville North of Ross. $5-$10

        3. Fuel City - is a gas station on Industrial south of the Jail! They have a 24 hour taco window where for $1.25 you can have your choice of 5 different breakfast tacos and 5 savory tacos. all are topped with fresh chopped onion and cilantro and served with two types of salsa, lime wedges, grilled onions and a roasted jalapeno. Fajita beef, fajita chicken, barbacoa, ground beef and potato(spicy) and pork (spicy). Inside is the largest beverage selection you have ever seen. There is a pool with lounge chairs, long horned steer and a slew of interesting folks to look at. So, go place your taco order, head inside and grab a six pack of mike's hard lemon (great with mex), stop at the corn cart and for $2 have the corn lady make you acup with evything (corn mayo butter sourcream cheese and hot sauce!), pick up your tacos and go sit by the pool for the quirkiest dining experience in town!!!!


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        1. re: lexajo

          Is Ali Baba (Greenville Ave) open on Saturdays for lunch?

          1. re: sl1

            It should still be. It was when I lived in the neighborhood.

          2. re: lexajo

            Lexajo, Humm, York Street sounds interesting. But are they consistent?

            1. re: Walters

              Very! A lot more so than other highly rated restaurants.

            2. re: lexajo

              I think Lexajo's suggestions were fine...Lexajo was simply reporting favorites. I've not been to Fuel City or Ali Baba, but Fuel City sounds like an adventure.

              1. re: Uberchowguy

                Please report back after you have tried them.

                1. re: Kirk

                  I had lunch at Ali Baba yesterday. While the decor and the neighborhood could use some refreshing, the food was very good and the service was acceptable, if not superb. My wife ordered the Mazza Platter, which included tabbouli, hummus, eggplant dip (similar to baba ganouj, but smoother) and pita bread, accompanied by sour pickles, green olives, onions, and calamatta olives. I selected the Falafel Platter, which came with a very creamy tahini paste, five very freshly made and wonderfully tasty falafel balls, and similar accompaniments. While Ali Baba does not compare to the very best Lebanese restaurants I have visited (the best, if recollection serves me well, being Saleem's in St. Louis), I found it to be a worthy spot that I'd return to. Of course, I'd not recommend it as an alternative to someone considering Old Warsaw, but I'd recommend it to someone looking for a decent Lebanese meal.

                  1. re: Uberchowguy

                    Must be related to the Ali Baba at 114 and Macarthur. The place is packed at lunch for their buffet. Love the place. Classic dishes are all well executed. Hummus has a wonderful lemon and garlic flavor. Baba Ganoush is rich. Bread is fresh, soups are interesting, warm veg dishes are full of fresh flavor.

            3. Walters:

              York Street is consistent, but it is focused on whatever is available and best from the food suppliers on a given day. It's hard to forecast what the menu will be when you go, but, in my experience, the food is always very good.

              If you give us a better sense of what you might be looking for in Dallas, I think -- OK, I hope! -- you're likely to get better recommendations than a mediocre Middle Eastern place (Ali Baba) and an eccentric taqueria in a dangerous area of town.

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              1. re: Kirk

                I couldn't agree more. Ali Baba and Fuel City. They're dumps.

                1. re: Kirk

                  Kirk, Has Ali Baba gone downhill recently? I had been looking for some middle-eastern food, did a search, and found this thread along with another other where you seconded a reccomendation for it back in '03.

                  1. re: JordanB

                    Ali Baba is fine, if you are looking for gyros and shwarma in a downscale spot in a funky neighborhood. But if someone is asking about Old Warsaw, I didn't think Ali Baba was what they had in mind -- which Walters verifies below.

                    By the way, Ali Baba on Preston (almost in Plano) definitely is less than mediocre. We went once and won't be back.

                    1. re: Kirk

                      I had a great lunch at Ali Baba on Greenville Ave last Saturday. Everything was great. We had the mezze plate, falafel, kibi and gyro plate (least favorite). The kibi (fried) was lightly crisp and seasoned great. Hummus was creamy and lemony. Gyro meat was a little dry. The place was 75% full and service was good. The place is very simple and to the point, nothing fancy.

                  2. re: Kirk

                    y'know, i was on the fence about fuel city until discovering that a 6-pack of mike's hard lemonade could be procured so readily nearby. that really seals the deal

                    i know ali baba is beloved by many but i've never been a big fan. and yuck to old warsaw

                    1. re: teegee

                      Seals the deal for, or against?

                      1. re: Kirk

                        didn't mean to be ambiguous: against. all of it, a rather confusing suggestion as an alternative to old warsaw

                  3. Kirk, When we visit friends in Dallas, we always try and take them some place they haven't been. (Even though they live there!) I've heard Stephen Pyles if good. (We loved his old place). Dean Fearing's new restaurant won't open until next year. So York Street sounds interesting, but I trust local Chowhounds to guide me. You're suggestions are welcomed.