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Aug 30, 2006 07:41 PM

hip in sf

i know it's really sad that as a 20 something i can't think of a place to meet my needs, but...

i have a friend coming into town in a few weeks and i was trying to think of a lively place with great cocktails and food for us to feel all fun and festive at. anywhere in sf works, really, and i don't know that type of cuisine is much of a factor.

last year went to top of the mark since i love that place but have no reason to go there unless i'm with tourists, and then to house for dinner. loved it, but looking for something a little more sceney this time around.

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  1. I don't know if it's hip but Mecca on Market might have the energy you're looking for since you reference Top of the Mark. I personally like Slo Club (Potrero flats), smaller, more of a low key, cool, post-modern scene and very good food.

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      i went to a girls night out at mecca about 2 years ago and we all LOVED it. we thought it was very hip & sexy. food was very tasty too. service was top-notch.

    2. How about Lime in the Castro?

      1. You might consider Farmer Brown. Yeah, the name doesn't sound hip at all, but with the DJ, young crowd, and bar scene, plus inexpensive food, it feels very club like and might do the trick. Here's one thread -

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          Second the rec for FB. I saw many fellow twenty somethings lounging and drinking when I went there. The music is great and the prices are very reasonable. I think that many hip restaurants in SF would offend most twenty somethings with their prices. Don't forget the happy hour from 5-7.

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            Definitely Farmer Brown. Great drinks, totally hip atmosphere, and the food is good.

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              i fourth the farmer brown rec! hip bar with some interesting drinks like watermelon margerita with spicy salt and another with ginger in it.

              the food overall is good, although a couple dishes like the trout and jambalaya were are hit or miss. the sides are amazing - don't miss those.

              i went there the first or second month it opened and it seemed they were still working out some kinks with food and service. but i think by now you should be safe. it really is a fun new restaurant. only thing is table space is a little tight.

            2. I was at Poleng Lounge last night, which is a very chill scene. Good set up for hanging out with friends - couches and small cocktail tables as well as regular tables, hip Asian fusion decor. Good straight soju and sake menu, aside from soju (and other) cocktails. Good small plates, but the DJ was really loud so watch where you sit.


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                I second the Poleng Lounge rec - its in a real neighborhood so it has actual local patrons, its more "underground" (as much as anyplace in SF can be) and generally better music than Farmer Brown. And I find PL's food much more interesting than FB's Cal-South food, but that's just me.

              2. Foreign Cinema. Full bar, good eats, hip crowd, and a neighborhood undergoing--but not yet transformed by--gentrification.