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NYG vs PHL - I need a bar to go to

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I'll be attending the Giants Eagles game on Sep 17 and I know I'll get there early enough to do some pre-game swilling. The game starts at 1:00 PM so will there be any bars in the Lincoln Financial Field area that will be open the morning of the game? Any recommendations?

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  1. Chickie's and Pete's is on Packer Ave up the road from the field. Good munchies, many giant TV's, perfect for pregame festivities. They even operate a shuttle that will take you to the game.

    1. Chickies and Pete's is the way to go, if you want to go to the Linc and tailgate a bit early, the crab taxi will pick you up there, it usually parks on a corner or drives slowly, just flag him down and it'll take you over to Chickies and Pete's and then back later. It's free, just tip the driver a couple bucks for good measure. Definitely get the crab fries when you're there.

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        FYI it's called the taxi-crab. Much more catchy than the crab taxi. :) And 110% agree on the crab fries.

      2. Just to give you another alternative (I'm not a fan of the South Philly Chickie's & Pete's, the Mayfair original is much better), the South Philadelphia Taproom on the 1500 block of Mifflin St. Excellent food, even better beer selection. I believe they open for lunch @ 11AM, but I wouldn't be surprized if they open earlier for home Eagles games.


        1. McFaddens. Next to the Linc. Good beer. Action gets pretty hot there, too, according to a guy I know who used to be a bouncer there. But I wouldn't expect too much of that early in the morning. Can't imagine them not opening early the day of an Eagles game.

          1. Not sure if you are driving or not and if you definitely want a bar, but Eagles tailgating is good times and the weather is supposed to be nice. See you there.