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Aug 30, 2006 07:15 PM

Pho 4000 on Western in Koreatown

After a night of drinking and upchucking... I had to cure my hangover with a nice bowl of pho. I was headed to K-town already and didn't want to drive out of the way to the Valley so I headed to Pho 4000 that I've been meaning to try for a few weeks after I found out that it was owned by real Vietnamese people.

It was 10 AM, and surprisingly I was the only customer. Perhaps it might have been different on a Friday or a weekend but it was only a Thursday. I ordered a small Tai (rare steak), and it came out in what I would find a large bowl at any other pho house. What I found different and better about this place was they brought cilantro out on the plate with the rest of the vegis (big cilantro fan). Also it was only $4.95 plus tax.

Overall the broth was better than the Korean pho houses around there but it just didn't match the heavenly pho broths of Pho 999 in the Valley, Pho Hoa Cali in Mira Mesa San Diego, or Pho T in Clairemont San Diego... probably the top 3 Pho I've ever encountered in California. 4000's broth is more bland but deep, flavors are barely making it onto the palate.

Nevertheless, if I was to be trapped in Koreatown with a hankering for some pho, I would recommend this place out of the rest on Western.

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  1. i agree with you - if in koreatown, pho 4000 is great. i eat there when i'm in koreatown and i have a hankering for a warm bowl of pho-goodness. prices are right. the parking lot sucks though during peak hours, since there are a few korean drinking spots nearby.

    now that i've said that, i spent my college years in san diego and pho hoa cali is not what it used to be. i recently visited san diego and the broth at PHC was completely tasteless. i think they changed owners or something because they also changed their name (i don't recall what to).

    my favorite bowl of pho is served at pho 87 in chinatown but have yet to try pho 79. i can't seem to find it from the street so i just go with my default choice, pho 87.

    1. I guess we're on the same page about Pho 4000. As far as Pho Hoa Cali they changed to Pho T Cali due to new owners. The one in Mira Mesa I believe is called Pho Cao Dao. Nevertheless I believe they're still good, I myself don't live there anymore and haven't tried it for 9 months but I hope their flavors never change.

      1. Sounds like a good place. What's the cross street? Any sense of how it compares to Pho 2000?

        1. it's on Western I believe near 4th, next to I Love Boba. I would rate Pho 2000 from a scale of 1-10 as a 3.

          we would probably expect Pho 4000 to be at least twice as great as Pho 2000 but I can only give it a 5.

          1. I ate there recently...guess what, it's actually run by Vietnamese folks! Probably why it's better than the other Pho places in K-Town.

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              wow, this is good to know. cuz the ktown korean run pho joints are just plain terrible...

              have you guys seen that cafe thats built like a ship down western? awesome...

              1. re: Normal Garciaparra

                Despite the fact that it's Viet owned, it's still not up to par with the SGV offerings; it's more in line with Van Nuys and Reseda and North Hollywood. I go in a pinch when I gots to have beef noodle soup NOW and not fifteen minutes from now, but the lack of good competition keeps them from trying too hard to be good.

                I drove by that ship the other day and was *almost* going to pull in for a drink.

                1. re: SauceSupreme

                  i actually crossed the street after a dinner at han bat last week and checked it out but it was kinda dead....

                  1. re: modernist

                    Han bat!!! my OTHER hangover soup besides pho.

                    I've been doing a comparison on the ktown pho places and will post it on my blog soon. But like everyone said, of all the place i've tried.... pho 4000, pho 2000 and pho western... pho 4000 wins in the koreatown area. It is $1 less than its korean competitors and also offers the traditional rice paper-wrapped egg rolls, not chinese egg roll wrappers. i still have to try Pho 36, which USED to be WHAT THE PHO? and there's also Pho 5.5 ( i think) on western just behind E-moon oak (han bat's suhl lung tang rival).