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Aug 30, 2006 07:03 PM

Seattle -- Looking for the best

Going to be in Seattle for a long weekend in a few weeks (pleasure trip, not business). What are the best places? I was in town briefly on business a few years ago and had a wonderful meal at Matt's in the Market -- is that place still good? What else? Interested in recommendations for all meals (and more - snacks, coffee, whatever). Desperate for great seafood; would love to hear about any worthy Asian (Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, everything) places. Price not an issue. Thanks.

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  1. Matt's in the Market is still a first class operation -- my favorite restaurant in Seattle. Here are some other options...

    Salumi is owned by Mario Batali's father and makes excellent salumi (duh). The sandwiches are first-rate.

    I ate at a good pho place near the University of Washington call Pho Tran Brothers. These were really good, cheap, authentic shops that were lacking in decor, but had high quality food.

    Beecher's is a cheese store in teh market. If you're looking for a great, high calorie snack, I suggest their mac'n'cheese. Their cheeses are generally very good, so you should take some home.

    La Rustica in West Seattle is a nice, cozy Italian neighborhood restaurant. the bread is excellent and the entrees are generally pretty good. It's not earth-shattering, but the location and the restaurant are nice.

    1. Dallas, I strongly recommend the Crab offered at Seven Stars Szechuan Restaurant. Also, any of their hand cut noodle dishes. Harvest Vine, in Madison Park, offers authentic Spanish Tapas with a more formal dining experience. Matt's is still a gem and Salumi is only open for lunch Tuesday-Friday. Enjoy your visit and let us know what you liked.

      1. DA, here are some of my favorite places:

        dining out:

        elemental at gasworks
        Harvest Vine
        La Medusa

        lunches and brunches:

        Matt's in the Market
        The Market Grill
        Daly's (on Eastlake)
        Geraldine's (in Columbia City)
        Cafe Campagne (for brunch)

        snacks/mid-meal chow:

        Belle's Epicurean/Belle's Buns
        almondines and pain au chocolat from le panier
        donuts from the little donut shop in the Pike Place market (near Belle's Buns)
        top pot donuts
        the cheese counter at PFI
        cheese curds from Beecher's
        chinese and vietnamese desserts at the sweet fresh bakery in the international district


        Caffe Vita

        late-night dining/dining at the bar/cocktails

        Zig Zag
        Black Bottle
        611 Supreme
        The Palace Kitchen

        Asian (excluding Japanese, which needs its own section)

        Green Leaf
        Tamarind Tree
        Szechuan Chef (in Bellevue)
        Szechuan Noodle Bowl
        Purple Dot Cafe
        Kau Kau (for roast duck noodle soup only)


        Wasabi Bistro (great for late-night cravings)

        I'm sure I'm leaving some stuff out, but this is a start....

        1. ssusu, i applaud your list! should answer about 9 out of 10 queries which begin, "I will be visiting Seattle in ___ days and want to know..." ;)

          1. Malay Satay Hut. For Malaysian/Singaporean food. Really out of the ordinary. Try their roti chanai for an appetizer--a flat bread cooked on a grill and dipped in a yummy curry. Can't be beat. Our favorite noodle dish there is char kway teow. The belachan green beans are delicious.