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Aug 30, 2006 06:57 PM

Father's 75th Birthday Trip to NYC

Hi all,
I'm taking my father to NYC in the fall for his 75th birthday and I was wondering if you could recommend some restaurants. We were last in NYC about three years ago and we had varying success. We went to Chantrelle, Four Seasons and Fiama Osteria(sp?). I like all cuisines but my father is originally from Ireland and so he is pretty much a meat and potatoes guy...his idea of exotic food is Spagetti Bolognese. I am thinking probably along the lines of a great classic French Restaurant, old fashioned Italian and perhaps a great seafood place. Btw being a stodgy 75 year old he doesn't like loud places.


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  1. How about Le Bernardin? Top notch fish/seafood / comfortable quiet room / excellent service / expensive but for a big occasion worth it...

      1. Just out of curiousity, which of the restaurants that he went to last time did he like the most and like the least? It may help to narrow down some choices for you.

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          To be honest I don't think he was particularily enamoured with any of them. I think the best meal he had was probably at Chantrelle but he would probably tell you that it was bit too nouveau for his liking. He very much liked the menu at the Four Seasons but in the end they failed to deliver. As for Fiamma Osteria I think he enjoyed it but I think he was looking for his Spagetti Bolognese. We did plan to go to Le bernadin but we were not able to make it. The last time we were in London he thourougly enjoyed La Gavroche and Angela Hartnett's.

        2. Try The Old Homestead (9th, 14-15.)

          1. how about a trip to brooklyn for steak at peter luger's?

            also, how does your dad feel about pub grub?

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              He loves good pub grub, especially a good Steak and Kidney pie.

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                st dymphna's on astor place might be a nice little spot for an irish breakfast...