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Aug 30, 2006 06:57 PM

Good Coffee Bevs in Arlington area

I'm sure someone has written about this before...but I did a quick search and couldn't find anything...so sorry if this is old news.

I would love to know your favorite coffee place and favorite beverage there...in the Arlington area. (no Starbucks, Cosi...etc. please!)

A couple places I already know and love...

Cassatt's – love the mochaccino and iced coffee (Lee Heights Shopping Center)
Java Shack – unique Lavazza espresso drinks...and good ice tea (Court House)

Also...know anywhere that serves Illy coffee? :)

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  1. My Bakery on Colombia Pike just W of Bailey's Crossroads has a line of iced coffee drinks that are heavenly and reasonably priced as well. They also make a sensational 'parfait' for dessert, like a trifle serverd in a glass for $2 bucks, enough for two people.

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      I was just in My Bakery yesterday and was thinking about a coffee drink, but if they had them, they must be "under the counter." I saw coffee pots on the counter and a table card for some kind of freeze, but didn't see anything on a menu or board, and my Spanish isnt good enough (and the counterman's English wasn't good enough) to chat.

      What should I ask for if I'm in the mood on the next visit? I like their saltena and one of those and a fruit juice drink makes a nice, cheap lunch.

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        Yes, I was writing about the frappe drinks. There is probably a poster and also a card at the counter. The do these extremely well, and they charge less than other places.

    2. Murky Coffee (formerly Common Grounds) in Clarendon is always hopping, perhaps it is just for the free WiFi access. I think the coffee is fine as is the atmosphere.



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        I don't know how I forgot about Murky...a friend of mine opened and managed Common Grounds. Unfortunately I haven't had a good coffee there...but I should give it another try because it's been a while. I actually really liked Murky when they had a tiny shop in G-town on Wisconsin.

      2. what about Hot Shots in Clarendon? Have always liked the coffee, dont know about the drinks as I am a straight coffee person.

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          Got an iced coffee from Hot Shots once - dumped it and went to Murky. They used hot coffee on ice - a big no-no in my book.

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            ooo...i agree...a huge no-no. i had someone do that at Panera bread once...obviously they didn't know what they were doing. watered down, luke warm coffee...yuck! :P

        2. Couscous Cafe in DC (20th and M) serves Illy.

          1. Murky serves good coffee, but I thought the place was horrible. I don't know how people were actually sitting there doing work, I couldn't wait to leave. Dirty floors, torn and dirty furniture . . . I'll take mine to go!