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Aug 30, 2006 06:41 PM

Felix Continental Cafe in Orange

After hearing such good things about this place, I ventured out there with a couple friends. The setting is very nice and I really wanted to sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere of the cool evening but after a 30 minute wait when our name was called, we were informed that they dont serve alcohol outside (other than sangria), so inside we went.

I ordered their grilled chicken (pollo criollo) for about $8, another person ordered the caribbean delight and the last ordered the paella. All the entrees come with soup or salad and a dessert.

The salad was nothing special, just some greens in a mayonaissey sauce. The soup was actually good, it was a chickpea based soup with slivers of pork.

My chicken entree consisted of a thin chicken breast simply grilled and served with rice and fried plaintains. Nothing special, although I thought the rice was rather tastey for looking like plain white rice. Overall, a good value for $8.

The other dishes would have been decent other than the fact that whatever rubbery fish they used in them made the whole meal stink. The fish was cut into large chunks with skin on and was just nasty. The smell permeated throughout the rice in the paella and the sauce of the carribbean delight. Was it mackeral? Very offputting and I felt very bad for my dinner companions.

Dessert was a choise of tres leches or bread pudding. I sampled both and both were decent.

Overall, I dont think I will be in hurry to return. I can see why so many people come here, given that it is in a historic part of town and the prices are more than reasonable, and maybe fish isnt the thing to order here. But the smell of the fish is something that will take some time to get out of my memory.

If I'm around this area again, I am much more likely to go to Bahia for some good mexican seafood.

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  1. I only visited there one time for lunch. The Cuban pork sandwich I was served was dry and tasteless. Haven't been back since.

    1. I went there for dinner with 7 other people last week. I heard a lot of good feedback so I was very very disappointed at how it went for me. We were seated outside and the server speaks little english and the busboy speaks zero. My friend had a cracked glass and when we asked them to replace it becasue it was flooding the table, they REFILLED the glass and not replaced it.

      I ordered the crab pancakes and it was the worst, dryest, unappetizing and tasteless dish I have ever laid eyes on and actually ate. The side dish of spinach-y pseudo creamy greens was very bitter and the plantains were hard and over-cooked. All 6 of us who ordered the special combos only picked on our food and left our plates 3/4 full. ugh!

      One of us ordered 4 kinds of different appetizers and concluded that he had the best meal.

      I have no clue as to why a lot of people go to this place. I will never go back. Ever.

      1. people go because they know nothing about good food, and felix supplies a lot of food for pretty cheap. nuff said, although i do admit to a slight hankering only for their burger at lunch and their tres leches cake.

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        1. re: kevin

          I want to agree with you, but it seems like a lot of hounds on this board give this place a thumbs up. Can they ALL be wrong? But seriously, my friends' food was rank.

          1. re: MEalcentric

            Hounds come in all Shapes and Sizes (literally).
            Felix is not a destination by any means but their Chicken Empanada for Breakfast is decent!

            1. re: MEalcentric

              I have lived in Orange for 16 years now, and I have never understood the attraction of Felix. I have to agree with much of the criticism here: the food is dependably bland, over-salted, and over-cooked, and I have usually found the service to be a bit distracted. It is cheap, but there are much better options within a block in all directions.

              1. re: roterror

                Over the years, a few tries to give it another shot, NOT. The idea is great, the location is nice too, but . . . something else just never works.

            2. re: kevin

              Decent tres leches cake would be reason enough.

            3. As I've posted before, there is nothing good about the place except for the somewhat historical location, and decent portion size for the price. Dry and overcooked are the two descriptions that pop into my mind, and I've definitely given it more than three strikes, eliminating the usual "off day" excuse.

              1. I like this place, but I am always careful what I order there. Never the fish,(always smells fishy.) Usually not the chicken (often overcooked and dry.) Soups are homemade and good: better than the salads IMO, but sometimes a bit salty. The two roast pork dishes are dependable and one of them is a thing of beauty. Get the one that has chunks of pork rather than the slices. (Sorry, but I dont remember what they call them. Just ask the waiter which is which.) It is moist and tender on the inside, slightly toothy on the outside, with just a bit of yummy pork fat clinging to the edges.
                The Tres Leches is the best I have had outside of San Juan.