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Aug 30, 2006 06:23 PM

Bar D'Alsace

Went last weekend w/ wif and 7y/o went early about 6-30 and did not have a rez- walked in and about 2/3 of tables were taken...asked to sit inside and the maitre d said he could not accomodate inside but could sit outside it was a bit chilly and with family decided to pass- thought i shld have been offered a table bit backed out nonetheless! was not going to linger long and felt that there were too many good restarants w/in a 5 block radius that we cld try --Was I wrongp.s went to wicker park and it was very good and VERY friendly will go back no problem

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  1. Cafe D'Alsace started out great. However, return trips show that the beer list is no more than a gimmick. Multiple times servers have had no idea about rather mainstream beers being ordered and we too have experienced chilly receptions by the hosts...Major downhill situation

    1. I believe it's been posted often before. This place was so friendly when they first opened and I was so excited to have a different choice in my neighborhood and have it be a neighborhood place. I went once more for brunch right after the Times reviewed it and noticed a decline in service which I attributed to the popularity and crowdedness. Then a few weeks later I dropped in before 7 on a hot Tuesday night and had the exact same least 6 or 7 empty tables that were apparently all reserved, informed they they keep 2 small tables open for "drop ins" and we could have one of them that was almost on top of the hostess table, or we could sit outside. And all of this was said w/out eye contact by the host while the hostess was busy fixing her hair. I made a casual comment "Wow, what happened to this being a neighborhood place" and the host made a snide comment "Oh no, you must have a reservation". The only reason I tried them again is because they're on Open Table so I didn't have to talk to them, but when we arrived we were told it would be a few minutes and 10 minutes later I reminded them we were here and the host said "Oh, your table is ready" as if standing in front of him while he gossipped with the hostess wasn't hint enough. No more, plenty of other options in the nabe, that don't require resy or will seat you when tables are actually available!!

      1. To estyle & m feuuille! THANKS for the response i thot it was me!!!appreciate it (could 've saved myself cab fare!)

        1. Cafe D'Alsace needs to focus more on customer service - I've been more that a few times and they always try to make it convenient to the servers (welcome to the new order) by placing all customers on top of each other, even though more than half of the restaurant is empty. Hey take a few tables out, and when you're half empty, spread people out - I like to hear the person I'm with, not the table next to us.

          One more note - when you sell yourself as a "beer specialty" place, it might be a good idea to make sure your waiters know that you need to tip the glass before you pour beer, else that $10 beer will overflow, as did mine.

          1. Having spent some time in Strasbourg, I was really looking forward for some real tarte flambee and choucroute. Alas, not as authentic as I would have liked, but not bad. I haven't had the bad experiences others have had with the waiters or the maitre d'. I have, however, had some pretty BAD experiences with screaming and unruly children. REALLY didn't appreciate having my quiet brunch or my nice dinner ruined by kids, so I wonder if that may have something to do with it? Not trying to be confrontational, but worse than having a $10 beer spilled is having a $100 dinner ruined by a child who couldn't sit still.