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Aug 30, 2006 06:19 PM

Ramen in Santa Monica

I'm looking for good Japanese Ramen in Santa Monica Area for a quick lunch. Any suggestions?

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  1. in santa monica proper there isn't much. if you can drive a few minutes east (to sawtelle) there's chabuya, ramen-ya, asahi, yokohama, etc.

    1. I love Asahi Ramen on Sawtelle, i love their gyoza, ban ban ji, pickles, sho yu ramen, oshitashi

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      1. re: luswei

        Asahi's my go-to restaurant because it's so close by. I like the style of Chabuya noodles (more of a bite, thinner noodles), but the portions there are more appropriate for lunch or a light dinner. My boyfriend can't even get full ordering ramen there with the $1 extra noodles. But at Asahi we're both always stuffed, and it's cheaper too.

      2. i like yokohama over asahi. actually i like yokohama over daikokuya.. (hope i don't get hate mail for this one)

        1. Oh, we used to drive to Ramenya all the time from Santa Monica- didn't take more than 10 minutes. It's the best!

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            I absolutely second this ... Ramenya rocks! It is located on Olympic ... slightly west of Sawtelle. They used to be closed on Wednesdays, but now are open 7-days per week. I work all the way in Torrance and on the days my hubby tells me that he and his co-workers (who work in SanMon) went there for lunch, I'm jealous all day long! The kimchi ramen ... I believe it's #25 on the menu ... is THE best!!

            1. re: Daisy Gatsby

              oh gawd if you work in torrance you need not be jealous. just go to santouka in the mitsuwa marketplace food court. best ramen in L.A. if not freakin' north america. case closed.

              1. re: rameniac

                Ramen-ya?? wow, sorry I can't agree with you there AT ALL. The only decent things on the menu are gyoza, cha-han and the seasonal hiyashi-chuuka. Rameniac is DEAD on...I've been travelling to Japan for over 6 years now and i'm definately a noodle snob...Santouka is the best ramen in LA by a mile. Start with the SHIO Ramen. It will make the kimchi ramen (LOL) look like cup-o-noodles.

          2. i got word that there will be a santouka in or near the mitsuwa on the westside....

            i personally think that santouka is the only game in town. must have toroniku... it's insane.

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            1. re: landru64

              WOW that would be AMAZING considering I can walk to Mistuwa!