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Aug 30, 2006 06:14 PM

Best decaf tea, either online or in a store?

The decaf tea I've tried from supermarkets and from some of the places like Trader Joe's just don't cut it. Are there good decaffeinated teas I can buy online? Or is there one sold in stores I haven't tried?
I generally don't like herbal teas (rose hips, etc.). I'm looknig for a decaf Earl Grey or Ooolong or anything along the more traditional lines. So please, no Celestial Seasonings recommendations.
Anyone tried the decaf tea sold by Peet's?

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  1. Decaffeinated teas tend to be pretty mediocre. The best recommendation I can give you is to just buy high quality loose leaf tea and then "wash" the leaves by steeping for 30 seconds, discarding this initial infusion, and then steeping again for the required time. This method eliminates about 80% of the caffeine, which is released in those first 30 seconds.

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    1. re: Low Country Jon

      That's what I do. A lot of higher end Chinese tea even tastes better during the second steeping, so without the initial "wash" they're pretty bitter and hard to drink anyway.

      Peet's tea is horrible in general, so I wouldn't even bother trying the decaf.

      If you must, I've had Republic of Tea decaf Earl Greyer. Not too bad.

    2. Agree with Low Country Jon. Here's a link to info about decaffeinated tea including direction to do it yourself...very simple & by far the best IME...

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      1. re: fauchon

        agreed- i do this with loose leaf tea as well, and the tea still tastes great.

      2. My wife switched to decaf tea when she became pregnant and faced the same dilemma. The best grocery store decaf tea that we found was Typhoo. There are some better loose leaf ones available at local stores, but I don't know about mail-order.

        1. I don't know the caffeine content of them, but what about some of the Japanese and Korean rice/grain teas? Do you like those?

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          1. re: Pei

            Never had one. I'll have to check them out.

          2. I'm with you--I like herbal teas, but sometimes, you just want a good cup of tea without the caffeine! So far, the best I've ever found is Kroger brand, believe it or not. Their regular decaf tea is pretty blah--no off taste, really, just really weak tasting. However, they make a "President's Select" brand of decaf English Breakfast that actually tastes like tea! I don't know if you have Kroger or Dillon's grocery stores in your area, but it's worth a shot. Good luck! I've just read some very promising reviews of Taylors decaf, so I'm thinking about trying them, too. I have to special order the decaf English Breakfast, so if I can easily find the Taylors, and I like it, I may just switch. On the other hand, the Kroger brand is quite inexpensive.