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Aug 30, 2006 06:13 PM

Looking for family dining/diners in the region between englewood, NJ and nyack NY

My family (residents of Nyack) and another family residing in englewood, NJ are looking for casual but good food somewhere in the area halfway between where we both live, for the two families to meet. Good diners and family dining for regular diners out.

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  1. I always recommend the Greek Village, Rt 303/ Livingston St. in Northvale NJ is in the middle (about 2 miles South down the road from Shoprite). It's super casual, BYOB. It's very small, best to get there before 5:45 otherwise you will probably have to wait for a table. The greek salad, fried eggplant/zuchini app., shrimp saganaki, spinach pie, whole grilled fish, & lamb souvlaki, are my favorites. They also have a kids menu, which is pretty standard. Not much atmosphere, but great food at decent prices.

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      Is this the place I am remembering...

      Opened by a really nice guy (and his family) who used to work at "Its Greek to Me" years ago, stand alone building, parking lot loops the restaurant, pictures of Greece on the walls and the counter along the right side of the restaurant?

      If so, the BEST hummus and grilled pita!! I hope so...I will have to make a trip there, forgot all about it...

    2. Sound like it. Big glass window in front, counter on the right when you walk in. Sadly, the owner past away a few years ago, but the place is still run by his family.

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        Wow, that is it! I feel so bad...glad they are keeping the place open... he was so proud of it.

        I remember when he opened up the shop... it was about 1O minutes from my ex-boyfriends folks, we went almost every weekend for a few years... This had to be 9 years ago...or more... WOW again!

        I am going to make a trip this weekend... I have been bugging the hubby to go to "Its Greek to Me" in Ridgewood for weeks, but now I will have to travel a bit further...

        1. re: Michele4466

          Here's my list of places in between Englewood and Nyack. (in no particular order). It took a few years to compile, but these are the places I'd go.

          1. Greek Village in Northvale, NJ -- great soups, salads, calamari (light and not greasy), shrimp mikroliminos, tzatziki, stuffed peppers, stuffed eggplant, artichoke pie, spinich pie and desserts!

          2. Zapata Mexican Restaurant -- it's on Piermont Road between Oak Tree Road and Paris. I guess it's Palisades, NY. Great guacamole, fajitas and atmosphere. Fridays and Saturdays, they have a wandering mariache duo. A little loud, but it adds to the fun.

          3. Twins India Palace in Orangeburg. It's in the Orangeburg Plaza strip mall off of 303 and Orangeburg. Reasonable prices. It's better to get take-out because it's enough to feed a single person for two or three meals. They have a lunch buffet and weekend buffet which is all good!

          4. Cafe Portofino in Piermont, NY. Great everything... they always have room! If you're a first timer, you HAVE to try their bolognese sauce. Their mussles in garlic/wine sauce is amazing!

          5. Nonna Rossa's Pizza in Orangeburg, NY off of Rt. 303. THE BEST PIZZA in all of Bergen and Rockland counties. They're open till 11pm or midnight. Pizza is always fresh and the owner is super friendly. Their pastas are really good too!!!

          6. Wild Wasabi Sushi in Norwood. Fresh sushi, a little expensive, but it's FRESH!

          7. Pimaan Thai restaurant in Emerson, NJ. Always love this place!!! And they even make a great chocolate lava cake!

          8. Canton Gourment for Chinese food is the place to go -- - it's in Montvale, NJ -- it's a bit of a drive, but it's got authentic dim sum on the weekends and a great lunch buffet during the lunch hour. EXCELLENT Cantonese food!

          9. The Vietnam -- alright, this is in Spring Valley, NY, but it's got amazing pho -- the prices are super cheap and the food is really good. I had the clams in a spicy sauce it was the greatest clam dish that I've ever had.

          10. Silver Pond in Fort Lee -- it's on Main Street and has great dim sum and Chinese food all the time!!

          11. Mitsuwa -- this is in Edgewater, but it's an authentic Japanese market with really great Shoyu Ramen and Miso Ramen. They have the beef curry, the udon noodles, the tempura and gyozas..... a place like this, you'd usually have to go into NYC for it, but it's reasonable and you don't have to cross a bridge to get there. Avoid weekends because the valet parking takes up all the places and is a crazy headache to get into.

          12. Harvest Bistro on Schralenburgh Road in Closter/Haworth, NJ. If you want a romantic night out, this is the place to go. Great gourmet continental food, a bit pricey but well worth it. Try their salmon napoleon!

          13. Chez Madeleine in Northvale, NJ. EXCELLENT food --- French cuisine. Worth going to.... but the clientele is mainly older people (like senior citizens who have the bucks!) so if you don't mind that, then it's definitely worth the trip!!!

          14. Saddle River Inn ---mmmmmmm..... expensive, great, high end, rich, contintental -- Wild mushroom soup is too die for!! Their snails are succulent and choosing the maribar for an entree will not be forgotten.

          15. Relish -- in Sparkill, NY. A BYOB place, haven't been there yet, but I hear it's fabulous!

          16. La Bamba -- across the street from Relish, haven't been there either, but it's owned by the same guy as Zapata. It's a mexican grocery store, but in the back, there's the restaurant which is also supposed to be really good!

          Hope this helps..........any other additions would be greatly appreciated.

          1. re: supergirl78

            La Bamba is wonderful! We have been to Zapata as well, but prefer La Bamba.
            Relish is great (had dinner there on Sat), but it's very small, and I would not recommend it as family place. If you do decide to do Relish, you will def need reservations and call ahead because they have weird hours.

      2. Used to go to a great pizza place on Hardenburgh Avenue in Haworth when I was a teen/kid. I think it's still there, now called Andiamo?

        1. Yes, Andiamo is still there, but not really pizza anymore. They do have pizza, but it's so much more and so much more money! Food is ok, place is cozy, but the back room is sometimes really noisey with lots of kids.