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Business Dinner for 9 people near Red Line

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The group is half foodies & half picky eaters. Its a special thank you & good luck dinner for 2 . Coming from Alewife area so anything on Red Line would be good.....need something in the $70pp,inclusive of everything. Thanks in advance

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  1. Gargoyle's in Davis Sq. Henrietta's in Harvard. Rendezvous in Central. Pierrot Bistrot by Charles St. Teatro by Park St. (loud tho).

    1. Craigie in Harvard Square (short walk, or a taxi, worth it) or Salts in Kendall/Central.

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        I don't think either of these will keep you within your budget . . .

      2. You could do Grotto in Beacon Hill (which is close to the Park St T Stop).

        1. I go to business dinners in Harvard Square often. My favorites are Sandrines, Rialto and Harvest. A little on the pricey side but the food and service are always great.

          1. Out of the Blue in Davis Square - you can probably cut the budget in half at this place.

            Henrietta's table is offering their entire menu for RW prices for the entire month of August. Hat's off to them...and who said it couldn't be done? Oh, I think we know who you nay-sayers are!

              1. Les Zygomates near South Station would be nice. I had a lovely lunch at Ohm the other day, but I think that might come close to breaking the bank.

                1. My favorites, and that are within your price range and not requiring of a cab or a long walk, are Casablanca in Harvard Sq.and Gargoyles in Davis Sq. They each have very talented chefs who offer a varied menu, reflecting the influences of a lot of cultures, with both adventurous and simpler items. Both places have comfortable attractive rooms with banquettes. Casablanca has booths as well. Service is more professional and friendlier at Gargoyles. Conversations can be heard without shouting -in both places. Gargoyles' chef is venturing into the Spanish 'new wave' cuisine involving some very unusual tastes and techniques; the Casablanca chef is not. Desserts are better at Casablanca. Do let us know where you go!

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                    Casablanca is the best! Central Kitchen is also good.

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                      I wouldn't consider Central Kitchen a great space for a business meeting for 9.

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                        Why? How is it different from the others mentioned?

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                          The room's not too big, it's not as easy to get a table for 9 and it can be pretty loud in there. Most of the other places mentioned are much quieter.

                  2. Legal Seafood at Kendall Square has great food (fancy and basic), neat location - about a block from the T in the middle of MIT, and is very good for a business dinner - whenever I've been there I've seen small and large business groups.