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Aug 30, 2006 05:55 PM

Good burger in/around Forest Hills?

After 8 years in Park Slope, I'm moving to Forest Hills so I'm leaving behind some of my favorite burger places. Any recommendations on places in Forest Hills that could become new favorites?

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  1. First off, Gravitch, as a former Park Sloper and current FH resident, welcome.

    To be candid, though, if I'm really in the mood for a great burger, I hop the train to Woodside and hit Donovan's, or I drive to Ridgewood for a Bosna Burger.

    Believe it or not, Johnny Rocket's, on Austin, serves up what I consider to be a superior fast food style burger, wrapped in paper for the full nostalgic effect. Do yourself a favor and get it to go. The T-Bone Diner, though incredibly overpriced, serves up a not bad diner burger, flame broiled. (There are also lots of other diners around. I recommend the Shalimar, on 63rd Road in Rego Park).

    There are some bistros, one right on Austin, that I haven't tried, that might serve up a burger(that is, if you want to go high-end). In all, though, I can't summon up a rant or rave vis-a-vie Forest Hills burgers.

    Now, if you want to talk about Uzbeki kebabs, that's another story....

    1. The Burger at Rouge on 70th Road is outstanding but I'm not certain it's served other than at lunch. It a large prime meat burger served on an english muffin topped with gruyere cheese, greens, onions and tomato. Served with outstanding shoe string fries or a large salad.

      1. Thanks Polecat...good to see I'm not alone in the Park Slope to FH migration. I have been to Johnny Rockets and do enjoy the burger - only downside is they don't serve beer!

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          they do serve a pretty tasty malted, though. Rouge is one of the bistros I was referring to (thank you, Mike); they sound like a good bet.

        2. My husband and I recently moved from Brooklyn (Carroll Gardens, and before that, Park Slope) to Forest Hills. In general, we've found Forest Hills restaurants, especially around Austin, to be overpriced and not very good. For burgers, we usually go to Dirty Pierre's, which is on 71st past the LIRR tracks. The food's nothing special there, but at least it's casual, friendly, relatively inexpensive and their burgers are decent (and they do serve beer).

          You might also want to try the Irish Cottage, another very friendly place. I'm pretty sure they have burgers, though I've never had one there . . .


          1. i also agree with johnny rockets and rouge, which is right across the street from johnny rockets. i wasn't crazy with the service of rouge, i hope it's gotten better.

            if you have a car (or don't mind a train ride), you can also check out donovan's in woodside, the winner of time out's best burger in new york a year or two back. personally, i think that the burger now has really high expectations, and i'm actually surprised that it was ranked the best burger. but, it's still very good with the accompanying steak fries.