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Aug 30, 2006 05:55 PM

copperblue vs one sixty blue

I apparently am stuck on "blue" but regardless, any opinion as between the 2 for a dinner for 2 friends (NY and TX) both in town for business next week. Price really not an issue. Any other suggestions for new/interesting welcome as well - thanks!

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  1. i've not eaten at copperblue, but I've always enjoyed everything I've ever eaten at one sixty blue. You could certainly find more adventurous dining, but it's always well cooked and flavorful.

    Last time I was there I had this peach brioche french toast with foie dish that was a real showstopper.

    1. Of course, there's no more foie gras in Chicago - until some one is willing to go to court to overturn the crazy law against it. But try the suburbs - it's still legal there. Maybe suburban restaurants will include it more on their menus now that it's unavailable in Chicago. I like Jackie's Bistro, in Evanston, but don't recall if they have any foie gras on the menu.

      1. I have been to both of the restaurants...I enjoy 160 Blue very much and it is decorated out of this world....CopperBlue is a new place that only has about 50 is hard to describe except that the food is usually adventuresome...great combinations of flavors....where 160 blue is french influenced,,,I am going to say CopperBlue is more med/spanish influence with french techniques.....can't go wrong with either...have fun

        1. I just left a note for someone looking for a anniversary meal. My best friend and his wife just had a birthday dinner at copperblue and can't stop bugging me about the place! They loved the personal service and all the attention to detail. She had the duck 2-ways and cleaned her plate. (I think she's about 90 lbs. soaking wet, so that's saying alot) Looking forward to my visit soon.

          1. I've been to Copperblue twice so far, and the same for 160. Copperblue blows me away every time, so I definitely recommend it for fabulous flavors and fresh, seasonal ingredients.