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Aug 30, 2006 05:42 PM

few words about Chop Suey Cafe (Little Tokyo)

Given that this place is an offspring of a cherished community institution, I'm hoping Chop Suey Cafe gets better fast. I mean, the food is passable but pales in comparison to anything you can get 10 minutes away in Montery Park. The standard for good Chinese food has risen quite a bit in the last 60 years. *shrug*

But then again, I've yet to try many of their dishes. Particularly the new Asian fusion ones.

Has anyone found anything excellent here?


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  1. The hamburger and fries were ok if you don't mind a thin, well-done patty. Even less than 10 minutes away, you can get better Chinese food even at Full House or Mandarin Deli.
    It's not really an offspring -- just a place with the same sign run by some well-meaning but completely clueless people.

      1. I met the guy that owns/runs it.

        I hope it does well, because he seems like a great guy. I actually had some food that was catered from Chop Suey. Good, but not outstanding.

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          His name is USC Mike and he's too young to have remembered what the Far East Cafe food was really like(yeah-he's a nice guy). There are many investor's and he's kind of the front man for them.

          You want that nostalgic Far East Cafe food go to New Formosa Cafe in Boyle Heights or Formosa Cafe in W. Hollywood(related to the original owners of the Far East Cafe-with the original recipes and did the cooking at the original Far East Cafe). There's also Paul's Kitchen downtown which resembles that old style Cantonese Far East Cafe food (seaweed soup-homyu-pressed duck and BBQ pork chow mein to name a few). I find the Monterey Park location doesn't seem to have the quality they used to (I think they do a lot of pre-cooking and re-heating). Also Canton Kitchen(take out only) in Mar Vista is a throw back to those days of the old style Americanized Cantonese stlye cooking. They got those huge burrito sized egg rolls.

        2. Well, it's not going to do well until he figures out that his food is mostly inedible and his service is spaced out.

          1. The original comment has been removed