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Aug 30, 2006 05:36 PM

Red hook

Does anyone know if they will set up there this Sat/Sun ? How is the ceviche ?

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  1. I was there last Saturday at Noon and they were completely set-up (I think they start around 10:30AM) - I didn't have the ceviche,but the huaraches and pupusas were absolutely delicious.

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    1. re: livetotravel

      I spoke to one of the vendors last weekend and he said that they open at 10 am on Sat. and Sun. and close at 9 pm. I was surprised they stayed open that late.

    2. I can't imagine they wouldn't be there this weekend. The ceviche is marvelous. Get the mixto. Also, be careful with the hot sauce. You need only a little to give it a big punch.

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      1. re: Treece

        Does anybody know if bad weather affects whether the vendors show up? I've been planning to go this weekend, but now I hear we're in for a lot of rain. I'd hate to shlep all the way out there on the bus if they don't work during storms.

        1. re: Cara

          They are there, rain or shine, though I don't know about severe storms that cause flooding and such. The stalls themselves are covered in makeshift tarps, but you know part of the enjoyment is the whole outdoors thing -- watching the games, sitting in the sun, the sense of a good day out. My advice would be to wait for a sunny day.

          BTW read up and arm yourself with a map of the vendors before you go:

          Thanks to Mr. Slab/Porkchop for sharing the love with the most in depth look at the Ballfields yet.

          PS. If you end up going on a Saturday, check out the other sights and sounds of Red Hook, especially this...

          1. re: Pupster

            Pupster, thanks so much for the Added Value tip. I had no idea it existed—went last weekend and loved it and got some amazing tomatoes and just fell in love w/the whole project. I'm going to try to go volunteer w/my 7 year old sometime this fall. (Anyoone can walk in and volunteer Saturdays on whawtever project they're working on.)