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Aug 30, 2006 05:35 PM

Best real milkshakes in Baltimore?

Where are the best milkshakes, made with real ice cream, in the Baltimore area?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The Malt Shop (I think) on Fort Ave, pretty close to the big shopping center by Key Highway. Done in retro style (even serve ice cream in glass dishes), they ask what kind of ice cream you want along with the milk and syrup.



      1. It's called the Ye Olde Malt Shop (though you wonder why it isn't Shoppe) at 635 E. Fort at Jackson Street. Near there, SnOasis on Lawrence Street makes a good shake. Also Hometown Girl in Hampden has a soda fountain in back. (They both use Moxley's.) Actually, to me any shake is a good shake, so I may not be the one to answer.

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          And if you do get to the Malt Shop on Fort Ave. make room in your tummy for their coddies.

          They are REALLY good. Made by some local Nuns I think.

        2. Field's Pharmacy in Pikesville has wonderful milkshakes, real ice cream. Located on Reisterstown Road, has both counter seating and some tables-nothing facy but good shakes

          1. I know you ae looking for regular ice cream, but I have had some great ones at Vaccaro's, but made with their gelato