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Aug 30, 2006 05:15 PM

Onera Review

Just wanted to report that I went to Onera last night on the UWS. I really enjoyed the scallop meze (which was like a crudo) and my grilled branzino. but omg, i tasted my friend's open moussaka and it was fantastic! and if you're up for dessert, their version of baklava was very good. we also ordered the rose sampler for dessert based on recos here, but we weren't huge fans.

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  1. The food is GREAT. The room...a little cold and basement like (though it's on the ground floor).

    1. yes, i completely agree the room is sort of generic w/low ceilings. the decor could be punched up a bit.

      1. Probably the best example of Greek cuisine in all of the US today.