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Aug 30, 2006 05:10 PM

NY Times calls PDX food scene "seriously underrated"

From his blog on NY Times:

We began in Portland, with a fabulous meal at Paley’s Place, which fits my definition of a restaurant gem — visionary yet soulful, with a fervent commitment to sustainable agriculture and local ingredients yet never preachy, and a great small wine list to boot. Seriously, how many restaurants do you know that claim to dry-age their own steaks? Paley’s Place actually does it, for 30 days, and you can taste the difference. And while the steaks take care of the bluff, hearty appetites, the menu offers complex, creative dishes as well, like scallops in sweet, creamed corn flavored with just a touch of orange and vanilla (and pork belly, of course). I’m salivating just thinking about the food.

That was just a starting point, though. After two days in Portland (a seriously underrated restaurant city), we hit the road.

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  1. Oops, should have said from Eric Asimov's blog on the NY Times (he is the wine critic).

    1. I love Eric Asimov .. he was responsible for our finding some of our favorite restaurants in and outside the city.

      1. Love Paley's Place! Tip: order a side of their new potatoes with their equivalent of the nicoise; they're deliciously seasoned!