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Aug 30, 2006 04:57 PM

Chinese Breakfast - Cheap, Good and No More Info

My husband has lately been buying bahn mi for breakfast from Cam Huong on Webster in Oakland. He eats these in the office, all the while yelping about how hot they are and getting up to take a soda out of the fridge.

Today, as I was waiting in the car (not being in the mood for bahn mi), I noticed that next door they were selling bao and lots of other dim sum-type delights. I've never gotten anything here and don't even know the name. I popped in and purchased 2 pork bao(one baked, one steamed)and one of those beauteous shrimp things that have ribbons of deep fried dough sticking up decoratively all over them. This set me back $1.80!!!!!! That's right, under 2 bucks.

They were quite good. I now have another breakfast option. Life is good. I know you guys will all say, "So what's the big deal, we have dim sum for breakfast at least 3 times a week. How did you get so lame?"

Anybody know the name of this place? It's tiny and on the other side of Cam Huong from Shanghai.

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  1. I had no idea you could get those sandwiches as a breakfast option ~ what time do they open and what is the parking situation early in the morning? Thanks for the tip!

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      The parking situation is as usual ... lots of double parked vans unloading stuff, and hit and miss on the street. We usually end up finding a place after driving around for a short time.

      The place was open at 8:50 this morning...actually, Cam Huong and the mystery restaurant were both open then.

    2. I think it's listed as Kam Hay deli.

      1. I had been there a couple of times around 7:15ish and they're already open then.

        1. The dim sum place next to Cam Phoung (on the opposite side of Shanghi) is either Sum Yee or Sun Sing (they are both owned by the same person - the other is on 7th or 8th St between Webster and Franklin).

          Whatever you do, do not buy the Singapore Style Chow Mein - it used to be good, but now the cook doesn't use enough curry powder. The chow fun is surprisingly good, and the chow mein (thin noodle one) is pretty good though both are lacking in meat. Don't get the fried rice - bland. The wrappers in this take-out dimsum place is typical of most takeout dimsum - too thick.

          If you don't see something you want here, they might have it at the either storefront.

          Check out the website for this restaurant:

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            OH NOOOOOO! You said the magic word of the devil.... chow fun. Now I won't be able to fit into any of my clothes due to eating several orders of chicken and beef for breakfast!! It's one of my favorite dishes in the entire culinary world.

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              Yes, either place is pretty consistent and reliable for what they do; the staff is much friendlier+more efficient than the frequently recommended Tao Yuen (?sp., "peach garden" in characters). Gave up on TY years ago and always get baked cha siu bao at Sun Sing or the other branch. enjoy

            2. Speaking of chicken - they make a good S/P chicken wing there.

              Remember, no meat in the chow fun, or very little