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Aug 30, 2006 04:43 PM

Where should I eat: Ravenna, El Sarape or Blue Fin?

I'm being treated to a dinner in the burbs. After doing some research on Chowhound and other sites, I've narrowed my choices to one of these three:
- Ravenna
- El Sarape
- Blue Fin

Which one would you choose? Why?

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  1. I've eaten at all three and all are very good. But my favorite is Ravenna. They have delicious homemade pasta. Last winter I recall that I had butternut squash ravioli and it was so good. They also have a delicious cheese course. I definitely vote for Ravenna!

    1. I vote for Ravenna as well. I really like the menu items mentioned by AmblerGirl. Also love their tagliatelle bolognese. Definitely, go to Ravenna. Guess you know it's byob (as are the other two).

      1. El Serape is no longer BYO -- it used to be, but they got their license.

        1. Unlike the others, I would vote for Bluefin. Ravenna is really very good and certainly worth trying. At the end of the day I think I just tend to walk away from Italian whenever I make the dining choice because that is always the safe bet with food-limited friends and I cook plenty of good Italian food. Bluefin really is something special, but if you go there don't be afraid when you see the decrepit shopping center that houses the restaurant. It is not unpleasant inside. Then again if atmosphere is a large factor for this particular evening, you probalbly should choose Ravenna!

          BTW, there is nothing wrong with El Serape. We happen to prefer Tamarindo's but El Serape is good and we're always happy to go there.

          1. Thanks so much to everyone who weighed in with their vote. I'm going to go with the popular choice and visit Ravenna (it's easy to get good sushi in Center City). I'll report back with my review!