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Aug 30, 2006 04:42 PM

Need a steak suggestion -- but not an obvious choice

Hello all... My wife and I, along with another couple, have been doing a monthly steak night for years. The purpose of which is to try everyplace at least once, in a never ending quest to find not just the best, but also most interesting. Past visits have included, but aren't limited to:

Musso & Franks
Nick & Stefs
The Palm
Pacific Dining Car
Dan Tana
Buggy Whip
Mortons of Chicago
Ruth's Chris
Tam O' Shanter
Arroyo Chop House

There's at least a couple more we've done that are escaping me at the moment, but I'm sure you get the idea -- the usual suspects have all been covered. But back to my request, I'm looking for other, perhaps not as obvious but equal or better in quality suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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  1. cut in BH. reservations are tough right now.

    1. A couple for you to consider...

      Pane e Vino and/or Angelini Osteria - for the Bisteca
      Saddle Peak Lodge - for non-beef steakiness

      Also, I'd be interested in a) what's your opinion of those you listed? b) which would you rate highest? and c) what sort of cut is your preference (NY, filet, etc.)?

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      1. re: skwasha

        Our top meals thus far have been Mastros and Dakota (which was a total surprise -- we didn't expect much). But then, they were easily the 2 most expensive meals as well.

        The biggest bargain had to be the Buggy Whip, which was quite good (contrary to quite a few opinions on this board, so take it with a grain of salt -- maybe we just caught a perfect night), and as a bonus, had terrific green goddess dressing.

        As for cut, I prefer either a New York or Ribeye, medium-rare.

        1. re: deadorinjail

          OK, thanks for the info... Of the ones you listed, I've been to:

          Taylors (OK, but not amazing)
          The Palm (Actually quite terrible - twice)
          Pacific Dining Car (Decent - love the old-time feel)
          Dakota (agree - this was a great meal)
          BOA (pretty good - have been several times for 1/2 price wines)
          Morton's (Eh... OK but the chainy vibe puts me off a bit)
          Ruth's Chris (see Morton's)

          Definitely still need to hit Mastro's and Cut.

          Also, though I haven't been myself... there's also Sterling Steakhouse on Sunset.

        2. re: skwasha

          best steak deal in LA is the bisteca at pane e vino (about 26 bucks). shoutouts to mr grub for pointing this out to me a while back.

          1. re: skwasha

            I would definitely add in some praise for Jar. The meat is wonderful, lots of choices. If you go, you must try the japanese yams.

          2. Arsenal in WLA?

            The Galley in Santa Monica?

            Phil Trani's in Long Beach?

            1. How about Shula's 347, near LAX. There are some favorable reports in the search archives...

              1. Someone mentioned Dal Rae in Pico Rivera to offer a great steak. I personally haven't tried it yet though....

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                1. re: MeowMixx

                  I think the Dal Rae is pretty good, and, if you're old enough, the "time machine" aspect of the experience is kind of fun. Menus, etc., can be found here: .

                  1. re: David Kahn

                    Dal Rae is a lot of fun and steaks are good quality. Another fun old-school option in the area is the original Steak & Stein in Pico Rivera


                  2. re: MeowMixx

                    Dal Rae's, amazing! They also have an amazing chilean sea bass and their salads are fabulous too! But yea, for Steak, very worth the drive!