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Need a steak suggestion -- but not an obvious choice

Hello all... My wife and I, along with another couple, have been doing a monthly steak night for years. The purpose of which is to try everyplace at least once, in a never ending quest to find not just the best, but also most interesting. Past visits have included, but aren't limited to:

Musso & Franks
Nick & Stefs
The Palm
Pacific Dining Car
Dan Tana
Buggy Whip
Mortons of Chicago
Ruth's Chris
Tam O' Shanter
Arroyo Chop House

There's at least a couple more we've done that are escaping me at the moment, but I'm sure you get the idea -- the usual suspects have all been covered. But back to my request, I'm looking for other, perhaps not as obvious but equal or better in quality suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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  1. cut in BH. reservations are tough right now.

    1. A couple for you to consider...

      Pane e Vino and/or Angelini Osteria - for the Bisteca
      Saddle Peak Lodge - for non-beef steakiness

      Also, I'd be interested in a) what's your opinion of those you listed? b) which would you rate highest? and c) what sort of cut is your preference (NY, filet, etc.)?

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      1. re: skwasha

        Our top meals thus far have been Mastros and Dakota (which was a total surprise -- we didn't expect much). But then, they were easily the 2 most expensive meals as well.

        The biggest bargain had to be the Buggy Whip, which was quite good (contrary to quite a few opinions on this board, so take it with a grain of salt -- maybe we just caught a perfect night), and as a bonus, had terrific green goddess dressing.

        As for cut, I prefer either a New York or Ribeye, medium-rare.

        1. re: deadorinjail

          OK, thanks for the info... Of the ones you listed, I've been to:

          Taylors (OK, but not amazing)
          The Palm (Actually quite terrible - twice)
          Pacific Dining Car (Decent - love the old-time feel)
          Dakota (agree - this was a great meal)
          BOA (pretty good - have been several times for 1/2 price wines)
          Morton's (Eh... OK but the chainy vibe puts me off a bit)
          Ruth's Chris (see Morton's)

          Definitely still need to hit Mastro's and Cut.

          Also, though I haven't been myself... there's also Sterling Steakhouse on Sunset.

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          best steak deal in LA is the bisteca at pane e vino (about 26 bucks). shoutouts to mr grub for pointing this out to me a while back.

          1. re: skwasha

            I would definitely add in some praise for Jar. The meat is wonderful, lots of choices. If you go, you must try the japanese yams.

          2. Arsenal in WLA?

            The Galley in Santa Monica?

            Phil Trani's in Long Beach?

            1. How about Shula's 347, near LAX. There are some favorable reports in the search archives...

              1. Someone mentioned Dal Rae in Pico Rivera to offer a great steak. I personally haven't tried it yet though....

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                  I think the Dal Rae is pretty good, and, if you're old enough, the "time machine" aspect of the experience is kind of fun. Menus, etc., can be found here: http://www.dalrae.com/index.htm .

                  1. re: David Kahn

                    Dal Rae is a lot of fun and steaks are good quality. Another fun old-school option in the area is the original Steak & Stein in Pico Rivera


                  2. re: MeowMixx

                    Dal Rae's, amazing! They also have an amazing chilean sea bass and their salads are fabulous too! But yea, for Steak, very worth the drive!

                  3. We recommend Damon's Steak House in Glendale...
                    Combination staek dinners, with salad and stuffed baked potatoes at reasonable prices.

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                    1. re: 4ahns

                      I totally agree with 4ahns about Damon's. My S.O. and I were there Sunday. We get the Tenderloin, butterflied. I like mine MR she prefers MW. The were amazing again.

                      We have been going to Damon's regularly for over 15 years and have always had a great experience.

                      1. re: 4ahns

                        I also have to agree about Damon's - a total surprise to me. Just stick to the steaks - nothing else is very good.

                      2. cut. hands down. no question about it.

                        1. Columbo's in Eagle Rock.

                          1. CAMPANILE. I had a Kansas City steak there a couple times that was one of the best I ever ate. I suggest checking ahead to make sure they have a steak on the menu. Also, the restaurant is closed for a week or two for remodeling.

                            1. A lot depends on how far you are able/willing to drive...and I'll give you some recs central, some south and a hint at some N/NW.

                              First of all, what a cool thing...monthly steak night! You've hit some great places so far. I'll the reiterate the sugestions for Shula's 347, Cut and add in a place that has been well-discussed but I have personally never been to, and that's the Porterhouse Bistro in BH. Ok, now to OC, my home...a number of the places in the SOuth Coast Plaza/Newport Beach area, among them FLeming's, Bengalow, Bandera, La Cave (definately unique), as well as Five Crowns and Gulliver's for prime rib. However, my personal favorite, and a unique experience to boot, is Trabuco Oaks Steakhouse in Trabuco Canyon (near Rancho Santa Margarita). WELL worth the drive for dinner, drinks, and just soaking up the atmosphere there.

                              I won't address things in detail here (check the CA board), but for a special weekend trip or something, you really need to head out to the Santa Maria area. There's a 4 or 5 places that should be on any steak-lover's list.

                              1. Gayle's in Pasadena, on Fair Oaks near Del Mar. Italian but also make an amazing steak. You can find Elmer Dill's dining there couple times a week, how's that for a reference!? No, really, it's great!

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                                1. re: Guerrilla Dining

                                  Haven't been able to find anything on this Gayle's - more info?

                                  1. re: Silver Lake Guy

                                    Search maps.google.com for
                                    gales restaurant, pasadena ca

                                    There are 13 reviews there also.

                                    452 S Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA
                                    (626) 432-6705 - Rated 5.0 out of 5.0

                                    1. re: Wes

                                      Cool. Thanks, Wes. I was searching with the extraneous "y".

                                2. Here is an old relaible that you've probably been to but left it off your list:

                                  The Grill on the Alley - Bverly Hills


                                  Someone already mnetion Dal Rae. They have a signature Pepper Steak:

                                  Dal Rae - Pico Rivera


                                  But it sounds like to me that you've consumed most of the tradition steak preparations out there and your next several steaks need something new. How about some ethnic spices on them?

                                  Chaya - Asian Fusion(?) - West Hollywood
                                  Fillet Mignon & 16 oz. Rib Eye


                                  Carlitto's Gardel - Argentinean - L.A.
                                  14 oz Rib Eye with "Chimichurri" sauce (& several others).
                                  Some have posted that there is better Argentinean restaurants in L.A. so let this inspire you. You could start a new post for i.e. "Where is the best Argentinean Steak in L.A."


                                  L'Orangerie - French - West Hollywood
                                  There is only 1 on the online menu "Grilled Loin of Prime Beef" and it's expensive. Does it qualify as a Steak?. Since this place is closing 12/31, you might want to go there one last time since the Chef has promised to stay on till the end.


                                  Chinois on Main - Cal/French/Asian Fusion - Santa Monica
                                  One of my favorite beef dishes of all time:

                                  Charcoal Grilled Szhechuan Beef with hot chili oil & cilantro sauce.


                                  Spago - Creative Cuisine (?) - Beverly Hills
                                  Cut maybe the hot ticket in town for steak these days, but you left out Wolfgang's other place from your list. When was the last time anyone posted an unfavorable food review at Spago?

                                  Grilled Bone-In Prime Kansas City Steak
                                  ~ or ~
                                  Prime Cote de Beouf over Charcoal (for 2



                                  Frida - Mexican - Beverly Hills
                                  They have 6 steaks on the menu, 5 of which are mexican spiced and 1 traditional Filet Mignon for the unadventerous.


                                  Mozambique - Mozambique/Portguese - Laguna Beach
                                  18 oz. Rib Eye with "Peri-Peri" sauce.



                                  Mako - French/Japanese - Beverly Hills

                                  O.K., not a steakhouse and they've only got 1 option on the menu but the chef has got loads of talent and for something different if your getting tired of the same-o same-o:

                                  Black Angus Prime Filet Mignon ... Cognac Garlic Sauce.


                                  Black Sheep Bistro - French/Spanish Mediterranean - Tustin

                                  Big menu but only 2 steaks:

                                  New York Steak Galician - A smooth Brown Sauce made with Cabrales blue cheese (Spain's finest).

                                  New York Steak Tuscano - With arugula, olive oil, Balsamic vinegar & sheep's milk Romano.


                                  Stevie's Creole Cafe - Creole/Cajun/Southern - Encino

                                  Two steaks, 1 Filet with garlic and cajun spices and I'll guess you could probably get them to blacken it for you. Have you had a Blacken Steak in the last couple of years?


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                                  1. re: JBC

                                    Impressive. (With web links, no less.)

                                    1. re: JBC

                                      i agree. the steak at mako is great. nice list

                                      1. re: revets2

                                        Now there's real Kobe beef from Japan at Mako too!
                                        For another non-obvious place, also try Angelini Osteria for a great steak.

                                        1. re: banquisha

                                          gino does very good steak, indeed.

                                    2. I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned Flemmings in El Segundo. I first went to the one in Palm Springs and fell in love. It's much more affordable than the usual LA steak spots as well.

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                                      1. re: robando

                                        I think the reason why nobody's mentioned it is because the O.P. requested "but not an obvious choice".

                                        1. re: robando

                                          Because it isn't affordable -- I had the tiniest, meanest petite filet I've ever been served and it was the same price as Ruth's Chris.

                                          I suppose the 1 & 1/2 hr drive from Studio City on a Sat eve put me in a bad mood, though.

                                        2. Get thee to Pane e Vino!!! They specialize in grilled meats, and you will be shocked at how good they are, and as a prior post mentioned....ohmigod, the reasonable prices! (as compared to Mastro's and other steak places).
                                          And start with the stuffed artichoke...the one here is the best I've ever had in my life, trust me on this. It's outrageous...stuffed with cubes of cheese, fresh cut tomatoe and basil (none of that heavy, bread crumby stuff)...and not boring old plain either...when I go with people and they see me order the artichoke, followed by the grilled veal chop, they clearly see I know what I'm doin'....and their pastas are great too. But, defenatley excellent meats, excellent prices.

                                          1. West atop the Hotel Angeleno (nice views!) does steak, but I haven't tried it yet. I believe it comes with three sauces and some caramelized (red) onions. (Why do people caramelize red onions when there are lovely yellow ones out there?)

                                            1. If in Sherman Oaks, the filet mignon at Max is one of the best ever, and I believe it is $28. Order rare/medium rare, and I cannot imagine you will not like it. Have sent many there to try it and everyone reports back how good it is, and it is served with a bunch of Andre Guerrero's french fries as accompaniment. 13355 Ventura Blvd., 818.784.2915.

                                              1. Hungry Cat or Magnolia in Hollywood. Both are great choices and have great steaks and other items... how's your cholesterol level?

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                                                1. re: mattyshack

                                                  Hi... I was under the impression that Hungry Cat's only foray into beef territory was their Pug Burger. Has that changed, and if so, when??

                                                  1. re: silence9

                                                    yes, i'd like to know what steak you've had at the Cat. i eat there quite often, love meat and have only had the pug burger. david does cook a good steak, though. but that was at opaline.

                                                2. A couple of classic old joints (no a la carte) in the S.Bay area (R.B. & Torrance) are "The Bullpen" & the "San Franciscan" including cheezy entertainment.

                                                  1. The Hungry Cat is my neighborhood joint, and while both the burger and bacon are outstanding, there isn't any other red meat on the menu.

                                                    Anyway, thanks for all the great suggestions... while you've all helped with quite a few ideas to be checked out in the future, all it took was one look at the Del Rae's website and I knew we had this month's winner. I'll report back soon... -DOIJ

                                                    1. Have a great meal at Dal Rae! Be sure to order as many tableside items as possible in addition to the steak, i.e., cesar salad, cherries jubilee, etc. for the full effect

                                                      Try to hit Steak & Stein in Pico Rivera too, it has been there since 1946 (about 12 years older than Dal Rae) and lots of retro fun too.

                                                      1. not an obvious choice....buy a few prime aged steaks from lobel's butchershop in new york and cook them on the BBQ during these last days of summer. the steaks are pricey but absolutely fantastic!

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                                                        1. Not obvious choice: I've really enjoyed my gaucho steak (similiar to a ribeye) at Border Grill. It can be a little too spicy so I've asked for the spice to be on the side once and it worked out perfectly.

                                                          Obvious choice: Lincoln Steakhouse in Santa Monica. I thought my Cowboy (ribeye) was well-prepared there and I liked their house dipping sauce.

                                                          Other obvious choice: Union Cattle Company in Pasadena- again, another place with interesting house dipping sauces.

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                                                          1. re: gourmetla

                                                            Lincoln is now closed. It has become a Club called Holly's West.

                                                            1. re: New Trial

                                                              Ah, that's too bad. They should probably take down their website then.

                                                          2. My all time favorite steak restaurant is in Vegas: Delmonico Steak House at the Venetian (owned by Emeril Legasse). If that's too far, I would recommend 555 East in Long Beach. I went there recently after going to the Aquarium. It was very nice, great service, the standard wooden booth steak restaurant decor. I had the rib eye, and even though it doesn't come on the bone, it was still full of flavor, tender and juicy, and cooked to perfection... I ordered medium rare and that's exactly what I got. Here's their website: http://www.555east.com/

                                                            I'd also second Jar Restaurant. Another place to consider might be Carlito's Gardel on Melrose. Also have you tried Brazilian BBQ? I love picanha (top sirlion cap steak), and you can try Picanha in Burbank. http://www.picanharestaurant.com/inde...

                                                            There's also Fogo De Chao in Beverly Hills (but I haven't been there yet). http://www.fogodechao.com/

                                                            1. I would like to add the Sizzling Ribeye Steak at Zen Grill on Olympic. Can be fatty, it is fatty, it's a ribeye! and as it comes on a sizzling platter it will continue to cook, so do not order medium. It is the only steak on the menu. It is loaded with crisped garlic and served with crunchy, sauteed green beans. Yum. This is not a steak house or a carnivore's palace, but this dish is terrific. Menu describes it as: served on a bed of garlic shoyou jus & green bean.

                                                              1. if you want to splurge, i would highly recommend the steaks at capo in santa monica. delicious!!

                                                                1. I second Dakota in the Hollywood Roosevelt - surprisingly good, and although they're back to 'just steak' it's done perfectly, with an array of sauces. Try the onion rings, too.