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Aug 30, 2006 04:15 PM

2 nights on SOBE

My partner and I will be in SOBE for 2 nights before heading down to Key West. so my question is this...if you just had 2 nights in SOBE where would you eat?? We will be there during Miami we'd like to try something from that...but up for anything unique to MIA/SOBE. Also, looking something in walking/short cab ride from 8th & Collins...

Thanks Hounds!!

p.s. i just want your top 2!!

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  1. Wish at The Hotel. Collins and 8th. So you're already there. Awesome place.

    Puerto Sagua, Collins and 7th. Cuban diner. Helps if you speak Spanish, but it's great even if you don't.

    1. The recent reviews for Fifty (on Ocean) have been great and their Spice menu looks good. Or try the Spice menu at The Social in the Sagamore hotel, plus the late night scene is getting better there. Their Spice menu is a great deal.

      If I were visiting, I'd also make sure to visit Lincoln Road, so cab or walk the 8 short blocks and try a restaurant there - my fav is Le Bon for awesome mussels and an impressive selection of Belgian beers.

      I found Wish a solid but significantly overpriced IMO.

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        Well i lived in Belgium...and have since missed Belgian food!! THanks YM~!

      2. Wish is right there at 8th and Collins at The Hotel...


        Fifty on 5th and Ocean.
        Le Bon should cure your Belgian blues and Lincoln Rd is the new epicenter of sobe, so check it out no matter where you eat!

        Osteria del Teatro for some kick ass Italian (northern).

        Larios for Cuban 8th and Ocean Drive.