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Cantonese-style pan-fried noodles in Orlando?

OK, I always just called these "pan-fried noodles," but I think this is what they're actually called.

I'm dying without this dish. One of the first places I go after stepping off the plane when visiting family in New Jersey is to drive right over to Staten Island to our family Chinese place and gorge myself.

These are THIN noodles, NOT lo mein style (which is what they tried to serve me at PF Cheng's, the jerks), fried so they're kind of crispy and tangled together in what I imagine a bird's-nest dish would look like. Served with sliced chicken and vegetables in your average soy-based sauce, so that in the places where the sauce touches the noodles they soften and take on the consistency of angel hair pasta.

I NEED this dish. I'm so hungry just thinking about it.
So much so that I'll even drive from Daytona to Orlando (because I've already resigned myself to the fact that there is no Chinese in Daytona that's even EDIBLE, forget specialty stuff).

I'd go to Brevard, too, or St. Augustine if necessary. If you can figure out what I'm talking about, please help! (Note: Ambiance not required. Takeout place with a few crappy chairs is fine.)

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  1. If you can't find it at a specific restaurant, there is a HUGE Pan-Asian supermarket in Orlando's ViMi district that would surely have the exact kind of noodles you crave, so at least you could make it at home to your exact specifications.

    The name of the place is Super Oriental Market, located at 2100 E. Colonial Drive, at the edge of a neighborhood teeming with Vietnamese restaurants, shops, and markets. Their phone number is 407-898-6858. If you love Asian food in general, it might actually be worth a trip from Daytona, so you can stock up on essentials to last you weeks or months at a time. The place is as large as a Publix, and the size and selection totally blew me away the first time I ever went there.

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      That sounds like an awesome place, Lou, except I'm an awful cook. :-P Though I might check it out and see if I can find a big tub of lychee jellies -- my Filipina friend got me hooked on them in college. :-D

    2. There are at least a couple of Cantonese places over by Mills and Colonial which is more well known for Vietnamese restos and groceries. However, it's a good starting point geographically. You can try Lam's Garden which is in a shopping center east of Colonial and Bumby. They should have it as it is a fairly authentic place i.e. tanks with live fish. I can't vouch for if it's good or not because I end up getting the beef chow fun instead as it is a family favorite.

      You can also try Ming's Bistro which is on Woodward St. Woodward is like 1 or 2 blocks north of Colonial off of Mills. Ming's was recently reviewed by the Orlando Sentinel food critic.

      1. Here's where I would send you:

        Chinatown Seafood & BBQ Restaurant
        1103 N Mills Ave
        Orlando, FL 32803-2538
        (407) 896-9383

        This five year old restaurant , which stays reasonably clean -- as it includes a fresh seafood market next door to the restaurant -- specializes in Cantonese food,

        They do have the dish on the menu. At least they had it the last time I ate there. Before driving over, I'd make a call and confirm. Most everything on the menu is quite good. Seafood is most fresh ! I favor the salt and pepper shrimp myself.

        Let us know how it goes.


        1. hey! just wondering the name of the restaurant you frequent in Staten Island that offers the delish noodles. thanks!

          1. You might try the Bakmi Goreng at Asia Bagus, down near Kissimmee. It approximates what you're looking for.


            1. Dude, Duude, I so know what you are talking about. I'm from Queens, NY and this dish is how I normally rate a chinese food establishment. Along with their peking duck and salted squid. Think Mott street at 3 am after hitting the clubs and bars!!!! Wo-Hop anyone? Say what!!!?!?!?!?

              I've got 3 places for you. Unfortunately they are all in Orlando.
              Honk Kong take out (407*296*9988). It's on Old Winter Garden Road and Hiawasee, in MetroWest. its a take out place with 2 and a half tables.

              Rice & Co on Kirkmann and Arnold Palmer Drive, again in MetroWest. I've written about this place on here..or was it Tripadvisor? Can't remember.

              Mings Bistro (407*898*9672) as rec'd by Bob Mervine in the ViMi district. This is the most authentic looking one in the area that I've been to. They even have roast pork noodle soup made with the same thin noodles. Get the Seafood. Or the beef with black bean sauce.

              I would not steer a fellow Pan-fried-noddler wrong. I place my taste buds on these three. As I try more I'll post or hit you up via PM

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                Hong Kong style chow mein is probably the most commonly used term for this dish. Chinatown Seafood and Mings Bistro are the best and most authentic Cantonese style restaurants I've found in Orlando.

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                  Thanks for the recommendations. I'll try Chinatown. I have been eating Chow Mein for 50 years and when we arrived in Orlando found that "authentic" is no longer a valid word for any Cantonese restaurant. The Chow Mein I was raised on had Bean sprouts, Bamboo shoots, Chinese Celery, Water Chestnuts and came with Pan Fried or the dry crispy noodles. I had never encountered those awful brown noodles in Chow Mein (and this is NOT Chop Suey!) until we moved to Orlando. The last real Chow Mein dinner I had was in 1996 at the Tea Garden in Champaign Illinois. I lived in Chicago for 15 years and nothing there compared to it either. If you want to see what the actual ingredients for Chow Mein were from 1950 until 1985, find a can of LaChoy Chow Mein and look at the vegetables. NO Brown noodles! That's all I eat until I can find a decent Chinese restaurant in Orlando.

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                    What you refer to as old time chow mein was part of the Chinese food introduced to the US by the Toishanese from rural Canton province in the 19th century. However while we Toishanese were the dominant Chinese American community through the 1960s, with subsequent immigration patterns we're now a very small minority of the Chinese populace.


              2. Try the Tasty Wok on the corner of Colonial and Shine. They have chow fun which may be what you're looking for. Don't let the cases filled with goose chitterlings, duck tongues, duck feet, and other weird but tasty stuff turn you off, the food here is better than any I've tried in Orlando.

                The place is as authentic as they get in Orlando. If you like scallops, try the Scallops with Szechuan sauce, they are to die for. Ask about the specials. They're posted in both Chinese and English (sort of) on the wall next to the duck and pig hacking station.

                Oh yeah, the roast pork with crispy skin is a wonderful bundle of porky paradise.

                Bad name but great food, you won't be disappointed.

                1. Ming Court on International Drive. I had a GREAT rendition of pan-fried noodles there a couple of weeks ago.


                  1. I do know what your talking about and Hunters creek Chinese Restaurant and the plate is called pan fried noodle with chick or pork its under cantonese chow mein.

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                      Hunters Creek Chinese restaurant off of John Young Parkway is the worst Chinese restaurant I've been to in years. Stick to someplace like Ming's Bistro or Chinatown Seafood.

                    2. Ming's Bistro has very very good pan fried noodles. I don't think I have ever ordered anything I didn't like. I always get the beef w/ baby bok choy over pan fried noodles. Their salt baked shrimp is very tasty as is all of their roasted meat. (love the crispy pig and the honey pork.) The dim sum is the best in Orlando.

                      1. Tasty Wok also has great pan fried noodles

                        1. You could go to China Hut at OBT and Sand Lake Rd. in Orlando,I ate those there.very delicious of course. The restaurant is a Chinese Cantonese Peruvian style. The noodles are pan-fried confirmed!!!! and verified!!!!!