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Greek Nescafe Frappe

I spent a week in Crete a couple of years ago and got totally hooked on the Frappe's they sold everywhere made from Greek (or European?) Nescafe, sugar, powdered milk, etc, done up in a milk shake mixer with ice. Does anyone know of a place in or around NYC to get such a drink?

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  1. they're are a number of places in Queens, including at least one featured in a times articla about summer drunks. sorry i don't have a link...

    1. You can make it very easily at home. Buy the Greek nescafe at a Greek place such as Titan. If you want the exact recipe I will try to reproduce it from memory...it calls for Nescafe, sugar, water, and ice in a shaker.

      1. Yes all in Astoria- I know of none in Manhattan, but all along 30th ave between 31st street (Athens Cafe) up to Grtand cafe and Flo in the upper 30's/low 40's. There are also a number of places on Broadway/ also in Astoria. These all serve it just like they do in Athens--you must specify your sweetness pref as well as whther you want it made with milk or water.

        1. you can certainly get it at the places noted above in astoria. there is also a greek cafe called "omonoia" in bay ridge, brooklyn that serves them as well.

          you can make them yourself if you are so inclined- pick up nescafe at a place like titan foods in astoria, it's 1 tsp. coffee to 1 tsp. sugar for medium and 2tsp. for sweet. fill your shaker 1/4 of the way with water. shake. put in a glass. fill the shaker with water, rinse and top off your glass. add ice. if you take milk, the milk they use in greece is evaporated milk which you can obviously pick up at any grocery store.

          just wanted to add- it comes out best if you use this little blending contraption that is made for making frappes. they sell them all over astoria as well. i'm pretty sure titan foods sells them for a few bucks.

          1. I recently had a delicious one of these at a little place on 2nd Ave, in the E. Village, on the West side of the street. I wish I could remember the name & exact location; I'll post an update the next time I go by there. It's an unassuming little cafe with very sweet, friendly service.

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              Okay, the place in Manhattan with a very nice Greek-style coffee frappe is Cafe Brama, on 2nd Avenue between 9th & 10th St. A very sweet little place; I only had the frappe so I don't know how the food is.

            2. Astoria, as others post, is your best bet, although there may be a Frappe available at any of the Greek Style Tavernas in Manhattan (maybe order just the Frappe, skip the food).

              As for making it at home, American Brand Nescaffe instant coffe is made differently from the European Brand Nescafe instant coffee. Fat content is a main difference. Either way, a spoonful of coffee and a spoonful of sugar, to taste, and a spoonful of COLD water frappeed with a small handheld blender that many use for diet shakes should produce a frothy blend. Add ice, cold water and a bit of Carnation evaporated milk from a can. This can also be made as a hot beverage.

              1. Thanks all---I'll take your recommendations with me next time I hit the city..definately want to check out Astoria's shops for a hand held home frappe action blender...

                1. Incidentally, you can get a very good midtown frappé (sitdown or takeout) at The Atrium Café in the atrium of The Olympic Tower (Fifth Ave., entrance on E. 51st or E. 52nd Street).

                  1. If you guys ever go to Athens cafe in Astoria Queens, you should try their dessert called Tres leche. It's delicious. I am totally hooked.

                    1. Tres leche is a spanish dessert, which means 3 milks. It is very good, but if your at athens cafe, which is greek owned, you must try greek desserts...Galaktoboureko and kataifi are the 2 best! Also as far as making frappe, people have it mostly right here, but there is one little touch that the greeks add that people forget or dont know about...its the type of milk. It is a greek milk called nounou. Place the tablepoon of frappe in a tall glass, add a tablespoon of sugar or less or more to it. Put enough water cold, to cover the sugar and coffee but not too much. Use a machine, to mix it and it will rise about halfway in glass. From there add about 5-6 ice cubes and cold water to fill glass. Now add about 2 tablespoons of nounou milk. Drink!

                      1. Helios in Brooklyn has them as well. Its not far from the Bergen Street stop on the 2/3, on Sixth Avenue near St. Marks Place.

                        1. The greek ladies who work the coffee truck outside my office building....MetLife in Long Island City on Queens Blvd just before the entrance to the lower level of the 59th street bridge. North side of the blvd.