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Aug 30, 2006 03:23 PM

Overrated disappointments

I KNOW I'm going to get flamed here... but we took a trip to SF over Memorial Day Weekend and tried both Aziza and Ame. Ame was OK... nothing SPECTACULAR, and my husband won't even think of returning to Aziza :( However, we are going back to Ame. Some friends are having a party there.
So, while we're on this topic, what other restaurants do you think are overrated disappointments? You know, those restaurants that EVERYONE seems to really love but you didn't.

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  1. What was your problem with Aziza? ..(and with Ame...)
    Aziza has ALWAYS been well received here..could you elaborate? Perhaps others' can then share similar or different experiences's always good to hear "both sides"

    1. I've been to Aziza twice recently and it was terrific each time.

      What didn't you like?


      1. Those are both on my list to try and I was worried about them possibly being overrated. I'm curious about what did and did not go well.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I actually really liked the food at Aziza (a friend took me for my bday in June), but the service was literally CRAZY. The waitress kept making slightly "off" comments, culminating in the one she made when she delivered out entrees:

            Waitress [grimacing strangely as she bends over to place our food on the table]: "ooh, i just threw up in my mouth, you know how that happens? How you almost really throw up but you just throw up in your mouth?"

            Us: [stunned silence]

            We found this very amusing (in restrospect)/disgusting (at the time).

            Dinner was good, though.

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              Oh, yuck! That's the kind of thing that should be reported to the manager, pronto!

              1. re: ace

                Although Aziza is one of my favorite restaurants, I'll admit that the last time I dined there (June)the service was very poor, from the rude, affected host, to the spaced-out, creepy waitress. I'm hoping that it was just an off-night.

                1. re: ace

                  I'm still laughing at this story! Can anyone top this?