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Aug 30, 2006 03:19 PM

best soup?

copied as an idea from the Wash DC/Balt board...who has the best soup? What is the restaurant & what is the soup? (or chili)

My favorite are ANY from Carmine's in Narberth- they have all been delicious! I always get the tasting menu so I can't recall exact kinds

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  1. Shrimp wonton from Lakeside Deli
    Matzoh Ball from Kibbitz
    Village Pea from Rangoon
    Canh Chua Tom Cay from Hoa Viet
    Most of the Pho's from Pho Cali

    maybe the Jambalaya from Grace's Tavern, though of arguable soupiness

    still haven't gotten around to trying the menudo at La Lupe's, that's next on my soup list.

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      oooh, and I forgot that, "Tasty Place" the little place in the basement of the Chinatown mall at 143 n 11th regularly has a 'soup of the day' that's usually really, really good and ridiculously authentic (beef knuckle w/melon, that kind of thing).

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        one more, the Java Mee from Banana Leaf. Shrimp, thick noodles, a heavily spiced almost-gravy consistency broth (in a good way, I promise), a sliced hard-boiled egg for good measure, topped with a scallion-pancake-ish thing and some fried onions. tasty.

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        stopped by Kibbitz Saturday after RTM and picked up some matzoh ball soup- best one I've tasted out around here that's not homemade-thanks!

      3. and forgot to mention Hot & Sour from Lee How Fook! although I'm sure someone would mention it.

        1. I haven't been there in awhile, but Cucina Forte has a wonderful soup. I think it's called Maria's special soup or something like that. Anyone?

          1. Tom Ka Gai, Chiken and Coconut Milk at Siam Cuisine. There are also some winners at Rangoon (both Chinatown)

            1. Sank Kee's Wanton Duck Noodle both at the Reading Terminal and in China Town is my favorite( next to my own home made Matzoh Ball and Mexican Turkey Albondigas soup )that I have ever had.My entire family is nutty for this soup and we drive from all over the Phila. area to have a bowl.

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              1. re: missclaudy

                OOOPS! That's Sang Kee not Sank Kee.

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                  I assume it's also "wonton" soup, though the idea of soup made of wanton duck is strangely appealing ;-)

                  1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

                    Yeah, wanton ducks are the most delicious albeit hard to find and usually very ornary. I MUST learn how to spell one of these days.