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Aug 30, 2006 03:13 PM

Visiting Manhattan and Brooklyn - Sept 9-16

From Toronto
Staying in DUMBO but traveling around Manhattan.

Would like some recos on some great restaurants.

So far I am going to:

Sushi Yasuda
Thinking about Asia de Cuba

Please recommend places that do not require jacket or tie

Price is not an issue.

Greatly appreciated.


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  1. Since you'll already be in Dumbo, you should definitely try Grimaldi's pizza. YUM! I'm pretty sure that they don't require a jacket and tie. Don't quote me though. Okay...just kidding.

    1. Actually, the restaurants that require jackets can be counted on maybe half the fingers of one hand. And even those do not require a tie. Someone posted recently that The Modern requires a jacket, and I think Daniel and Le Bernardin might also.

      Considering that there are hundreds of restaurants to choose from, it would be helpful if you would tell us what cuisines besides Italian (Babbo) and sushi (Yasuda) you are particularly interested in trying. Also, if you've been to NYC before, you might want to tell us what places you've already tried so we don't duplicate.

      Note: The admins require that discussion on this board be only for restaurants in Manhattan. For Brooklyn suggestions, post on the Outer Boroughs board.

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      1. re: RGR

        I am interested in all types of cuisine -- italian, japanese, indian, french etc.
        I have been to all the best restaurants in Toronto.
        Just looking for a place with great food and ambiance.
        Love red wine -- have a nice collection at home of about 150 bottles.

        The only other restaurant I have been to is Bouley back in 2001.

        1. re: Lou Belsito

          Eleven Madison Park should not be missed. Chef Daniel Humm took over the kitchen several months ago, and his cuisine is exquisite. The space is gorgeous.

          Devi serves some of the most superb Indian cuisine you will find anywhere. I recommend the tasting menu with wine pairings. Unusual, elegant decor.

          If you're into wine, Veritas has one of the most extraordinary wine lists in the city. The New American cuisine is first rate. Small dining room with stylish minimalist decor.

          Cafe Boulud is 4-star Chef Daniel Boulud's second-tier restaurant. But the cuisine is anything but second rate. Pleasant and polished service. Small space with attractive contemporary decor.

          For Turkish food, my favorite place is Turkish Kitchen. The food is always perfectly prepared and delicious. Very nice surroundings.

          Enjoy your visit to NYC and Bon Appetit!

      2. On my last trip to New York I ate at:


        Public --

        The Red Cat (10th Ave. & 23rd Street) --

        and in Brooklyn:

        Tempo --

        I highly recommend Tempo and The Red Cat. Foodwise they were stellar, served in a comfortable/casual atmoshphere.

        I was less impressed with Babbo though, admittedly, my expectations were quite high. That said, the Gnocchi with Braised Oxtail that one of my dining partners ordered was exquisite.

        1. You must try Saul's Restaurant in Boerum Hill Brooklyn One of the best in Brooklyn