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Aug 30, 2006 02:40 PM

Any Recs for St Augustine

Hey everyone,

After some research on the board I made reservations for Opus 39 for Sturday night for our special dinner. Unfortunately, I have to eat a bunch of other times during the coming weekend. Any recommendations for lunch or dinner on other nights. Good and local is what I'm looking for.


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  1. Osteens...DO NOT LEAVE SA WITHOUT GOING TO THIS FRIED SHRIMP's just over the bridge toward the beach off to the right. You got to go between hours or get there early as there is always a long line...amazing!

    1. la parisienne, not cheap but very good. for more reasonable prices, go for brunch/lunch.
      i posted an extended review of the eateries i tried a couple years ago.

      1. i like gypsy cab company, i want to try the colimbia, A1A ale house ad 7 ridges pale in comparison to RAGTIME at neptune beach. i need to get to o'steens.scarlet o'haras has some decent beer food fare.

        1. Gypsy Cab was fun, over the bridge to the beach. Columbia is not that great in St. Augustine, IMO. Seemed like endless lines of tourists doing the old town, and I usually like Columbia's. If you go, I like the 1905 salad and they do a passable Ropa Vieja (probably spelled wrong...stew over yellow rice). Nice Sangria. A1A Ale House is just one in a line of "local" Ale Houses: Fort Myers Ale House, Orlando Ale House, etc. etc.

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            a1a is part of a national chain - gordon biersch

          2. La Parisienne is excellent and yes the lunch is quite reasonable. Osteen's serves good food and no ambiance - depends on what you want that day. Saltwater Cowboy is strange to say the least but the food is good and it helps to overlook the feral cats roaming the place (outside, thank goodness).