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Aug 30, 2006 02:13 PM

Is Ame really worth it?

Chowhounders visiting from NYC, thinking of eating at Ame for dinner on thursday night and i just want to make sure it's worth the hype.

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  1. Inh a word, YES!!! It's outstanding.

    1. And, because there are always two sides to every coin, in a word, no. I don't like it, having eaten there twice. Food to me is a mish mash of miso-flavored everything.

      1. We were being treated by my mother in law, so I didn't get upset that they sat us at what is likely the worst table in the restaurant (right when you walk in, in front of a waiter stand). I had a chance to check out the rest of the L-shaped room when we were leaving. I think the far end away from the maitre d' stand is quieter and nicer.

        We had apps: poke, hamachi, smoked trout and chawan mushi and entrees: signature cod dish and the Fish Spontanee (which that night was a striped bass on gnocchi served in a butter sage sauce finished with bacon). The bass was served medium rare (which the waiter had warned us). I took a few bites and didn't think having to cut it with a knife was the best way to showcase the delicate texture of that fish. I sent it back, it came back just cooked until it was translucent -- perfect IMHO. My husband loved the cod dish. Eating lighter dishes made it easy to make room for dessert :) Unfortunately, the desserts we had were just average: doughnuts, apple tart, chocolate gateaux.

        Overall, the service was not in the same league of restaurants like the Ritz or Gary Danko. I like that the food is very good and the atmosphere is stylish. But Ame is pricey, and if I were paying, I'd expect more polished service.