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Aug 30, 2006 01:37 PM

Brooklyn Business Lunch??? HELP

I'm trying to find a place to hold a business lunch (10-15 people).

The main criteria:

1. in Brooklyn
2. MUST have a parking lot
3. Will let us linger....
4. Vegetarian options
5. Ethnic food ok: sushi requested
6. Did I mention the parking?


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  1. Archives Restaurant at the Brooklyn Marriott. I _think_ they can even set up a private space with A/V equipment if you need it. They have a pay parking garage in the hotel, but I am sure you could arrange it so that the host (and not the individual drivers) pay for that charge (including the tip, if you wish) so that your guest will not feel put upon.

    1. Where in Brooklyn? It's a mighty big borough. Near downtown or in the close to Manhattan neighborhoods finding a restaurant with a parking lot (other than the one named above) will be quite difficult. Further out towards the ocean though (like out in Flatlands) there are places with lots.

      1. I recommend Five Front in Dumbo.
        charming interior, very Brooklyn, great food, and the $ is good.
        I bet they will work with you to set up the situation you want.
        for your criteria:
        1. in Brooklyn > check. right under the Brooklyn Bridge.
        2. MUST have a parking lot > there is a parking lot 1 buildings over (20 ft away)
        3. Will let us linger.... > check
        4. Vegetarian options > check
        5. Ethnic food ok: sushi requested > nope on sushi.
        There is no good sushi spot in BK that will work for your criteria. sorry.

        1. I believe the River Cafe has parking and meets the other criteria (well, except for sushi). It's very upscale and very impressive (and very expensive).

          1. Many of the restaurants in Bay Ridge either have parking or valet. I would suggest that you call ahead to confirm. For sushi, Nouvelle on 3rd ave is great. And it all depends on who your client is- a place like Areo is packed for business lunches, Nouvelle is more teachers getting together for lunch, but the food and service are usually respectful.

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              i've participated in a number of business lunches at downtown atlantic. no sushi, but plenty of veg and fish options, solid food all around and good atmos. many parking-lot options around (nevins and atlantic, state and bond, livingston off atlantic). i've also not had a prob parking on street/metered at that time of day. i've also done business lunch at the marriot and can add my rec for that, but it's pricey!