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Aug 30, 2006 01:07 PM

Best French Fries

Hounds - where can I find the best fries in Manhattan?

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    1. I didn't respond to that previous thread, but a few folks mentioned one of my favorite places to get fries: Loreley. Really fantastic, thin, crispy fries.

      Add in the back garden, some nice weather, a wurst or schnitzel, and a beer big enough to bathe a dog in and the fries get even better.

      1. The previous post is good, and is one of many on the subject. Here's a selection: Balthazar (or any Keith McNally restaurant), The Odeon, Petite Abeille across the street, Lorelei (although I think they are too thin), and a surprise, which I've loved for some time, Beppe, for wonderful 'Tuscan' fries.

        - Sean

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        1. re: Sean Dell

          agree w/ sean on beppe. you can also get cesare's same tuscan fries at maremma.

          i'm also a fan of the cottage fries at jg melon if you want to count them.

        2. cafe de bruxelles-always has been always will be-mussels are good there too.

          1. Without a doubt, Mandler's ( ) on E 17th, just west of Union Square has some of the tastiest, crispiest fries in NYC.

            Try them!