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Best French Fries

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Hounds - where can I find the best fries in Manhattan?

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    1. I didn't respond to that previous thread, but a few folks mentioned one of my favorite places to get fries: Loreley. Really fantastic, thin, crispy fries.

      Add in the back garden, some nice weather, a wurst or schnitzel, and a beer big enough to bathe a dog in and the fries get even better.

      1. The previous post is good, and is one of many on the subject. Here's a selection: Balthazar (or any Keith McNally restaurant), The Odeon, Petite Abeille across the street, Lorelei (although I think they are too thin), and a surprise, which I've loved for some time, Beppe, for wonderful 'Tuscan' fries.

        - Sean

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          agree w/ sean on beppe. you can also get cesare's same tuscan fries at maremma.

          i'm also a fan of the cottage fries at jg melon if you want to count them.

        2. cafe de bruxelles-always has been always will be-mussels are good there too.

          1. Without a doubt, Mandler's (www.mandlers.com ) on E 17th, just west of Union Square has some of the tastiest, crispiest fries in NYC.

            Try them!


            1. Pommes Frites, 123 2nd Avenue.


              you won't regret it.

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                I give a second vote to Pommes Frites.

              2. Cafe Mogador (St. Marks, between 1st and A) has some of the best unheralded fries in the city. Double fried, pale golden, crisp and tender inside. They're not on the menu, but you get them with their sandwiches, or you can just ask for a side of them.