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Aug 30, 2006 01:03 PM

Help!!! Desperately Searching For a Two Year Old NYTimes Article About San Diego!

I'm really hoping you guys can help out with this one :) We're leaving for a ten day trip to San Diego/LaJolla/LA very soon and thanks to the unbelievable 'hounds who responded to a query on the California boards a few weeks ago have dozens of great eating tips. We can't wait!

One thing is bugging me: there is an article from Wednesday's Dining Section from about 18 months to two years ago, maybe even two and a half years ago ( my post-maternal memory is sorely lacking....) that I want terribly and can not find in any of my clippings files. I have used the search engine on the Times website and perused dozens of articles about San Diego, but alas none is the right one. I'm not sure if it was written by Apple or Matt and Ted Lee, but it was a very comprehensive write up focusing on the relaxed beach communities of the San Diego environs, all the outstanding local produce, and the unbelievable fish tacos. I remember thinking what a great article it was at the time and setting it aside for future refrence, but now I can't find it!

Does anyone remember this article? If so, can you please provide the author and the title so I can better search for it.

A Zillion Thank Yous in Advance from a very frustrated 'hound,

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  1. Try a search like this using Google until you hit on the key phrases that help you find the article you are looking for.

    "san diego" "fish tacos" beaches

      1. I adore you guys for attempting to help me out. Thank you both. Unfortunately, both suggestions are to no avail...(The article, btw, was featured in the Wednesday "Dining In" section, not Travel.

        ARGHHHH! Alas, I will continue in my Grail-like quest :)

        All Things Delish,
        lisa antinore

        1. Your local library main branch likely has the NY Times on file. Go look.

          The Times does not archive all their articles online.

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          1. re: FrankJBN

            Zenfoodist, I see you're in NYC - NYPL has a complete NYTimes archive online if you have a library card.

            I also did some googling and found a Globe article:
            Being under same owners, they might've re-printed the same article?

          2. well, here's a wednesday dining in by apple that satisfies most of your requirements, except perhaps the most important one... it's about santa barbara and not san diego! (tho that would explain why it's been so hard to find in a search)


            regardless, it's gotten me thinking about ahi tuna tacos..

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            1. re: thievery

              You guys are awesome and ....I am an idiot! Thievery, that's the one :) Guess we're slated for a long side trip....

              Welle, the San Diego article from the Globe was excellent- thanks so much for taking the time to suss it out for me.

              The things we do for food.

              A Zillion Top Notch Ahi Tuna Tacos For You All,