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Aug 30, 2006 12:59 PM

Final Revisions to Weekend Food Itinerary

I previously posted a request for suggestions for my annual food pilgrimage to Manhattan. I am putting the finishing touches on the itinerary, and would welcome any suggestions, including what to order at each destination.

We arrive late Friday night (11:00 pm?), and leave Sunday morning/early afternoon.


Late dinner: Blaue Gans

After-dinner drinks: Pegu Club


Afternoon: East Village/LES Crawl
(work our way towards dba for afternoon beers)

Bar Jamon
Momofuku Ssam Bar
Pommes Frites

Later afternoon: beers at dba and Essex Ale House (with perhaps a pie from Tuck Shop and/or pudding from Rice to Riches)


Pre-dinner wine: In Vino

Dinner: Degustation Tasting and Wine Bar


Brunch: Tia Pol

That's it.

Here is the previous post:

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  1. Degustation: the pork with pickled jalapenos, scallions in a sherry reduction and the potato tortillas with quail egg. Two of the tastier dishes I have had anywhere recently. Skip desserts here, they are the weakest part of their menu.

    1. Blaue Gans: my favorite of the schnitzels is the wiener schnitzel, but you can't really go wrong. Pork belly was very good too, and I've had good luck w/the specials. Whatever you do, save room for the salzburger nockerl for dessert--it's fantastic.