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Truffle Salt Suggestions

Hello all,

I splurged on a fair sized jar of truffle salt.

I have used it on scrambled eggs, popcorn, and pinzimonio and all were quite delicious.

Does anyone have any suggestions where I might be able to use this tasty impulse buy?


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  1. You could finish a nice risotto with it...or any sort of mushroom dish. I make a nice starter using portobello mushrooms, a slice of garlic, spring of thyme, EVOO and balsamic and broil it with a piece of taleggio on top. Your truffle salt would be a fantastic addition!

    Truffles and lobster also go well together as decadent flavours. Any fave lobster recipes?

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      I have never had that combo but have promised my boyfriend a lobster dinner so I will be sure to remember that one!



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        Truly decadent! We make lobster risotto frequently and finish it with truffle oil. You'll LOVE it!

    2. How about on some good french fries, pasta, or even sushi.

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        I second the french fries and pasta. Where did you get the truffle salt?


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          I got it from a place in Toronto called the Spice Trader. I don't know where you are located but if you are ever in TO it is a must for any foodie! They have a bunch of different types of flavoured salts as well as every type of organic spice imaginable.

          There is also a shop below it that has the most delicious olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars.


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            Not in TO right now. I suppose you can get in in NYC, or LA, or (let me see where else I'll be), urm, Dallas?


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            You can get truffle salt at igourmet.com

        2. Instead of salting a chicken for roasting with regular salt, the truffle salt adds another dimension.

          1. Truffle Salt is fabulous on Deviled Eggs. Also, toast a baguette, add butter and then Truffle Salt. Life is good.

            1. truffle salt is also great on buttered corn on the cob.

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                Ooooh mama! That is perfect! It is coming in to corn on the cob high season here and that sounds absolutely fabulous!



              2. I use truffle oil on mushrooms - the salt might be good that way as well.

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                  Truffle oil on musrooms is super good!

                  I like to take some olive oil and sautee a minced onion/ shallot and some garlic, with some herbs (any kind you like, but I think sage works well) and then add a portobello cap. Let it cook down for a bit and then flambe with some balsamic vinegar, and let it soften. Season with salt and pepper.

                  Meanwhile, toast some plain white bread and cut the crusts off. Place the bread on the plate, top with the mushroom (gill side up), sprinkle with some mild goat's cheese, and drizzle with truffle oil. DONE!


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                    I did something similar, but melted fontina cheese on the bread, then put the mushrooms on top.

                2. What a coincidence! I just couldn't resist picking up some truffle salt at dean and deluca the other day. So far, I've only used it on farmers' market eggs cooked over easy, but I made a very delicious brunch of crepes with goat's cheese crumbles and truffle oil and honey drizzled on top. I would imagine that the truffle salt could be worked into something similar.
                  Truffle in honey is a new combination of flavors for me, and it it surprisingly good.
                  What about making home-made potato chips and sprinkling with the truffle salt, or oven-baked root vegetable "fries" (parsnip, turnip, celeriac). I bet that would rock.

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                    Ooh! Dean & Deluca! Thanks! Does the stuff actually have the same taste as say a truffle oil or a truffle infused olive oil, or what?


                  2. I'd say the truffle salt taste is much less pronounced than a good truffle oil, but the salt has the advantage of not being an oil-so it doesn't add any extra fat-and it's sprinkleability makes suggestions like the OP's popcorn one very good.

                    1. At a local restaurant on Bainbridge Island WA. They have these fabulous mushrooms on their antipasto platter that are sautéed with shallots then deglazed with brandy and finished with truffle salt! So Yum!!!

                      1. At a dinner party last month, a small cellar of truffle salt was on the table. It was fantastic sprinkled as a finishing salt on the spaetzle course that was flavored with butter, cheese, and some crimini mushrooms. Some of the guests commented that it was like crack...

                        1. Neither DH or I are big crouton fans so I haven't tried it but I think homemade croutons sprinkled with truffle salt would be a nice garnish for roasted portobello mushroom soup.

                          1. I made a veggie burger, with fresh basil, toasted whole wheat bread with olive oil, and sprinkle truffle salt all over the cooked veggie burger .. it tastes amazing ..

                            be careful with the salt though , its good , but it isn't for everything , i would recommend 'smelling it out' before you go wild.

                            1. A fellow hound recommended truffle salt on another thread, and I found myself buying it. Bumping this thread in hopes of getting more suggestions for how to use it :-)

                              1. Really good on steaks on the grill!