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Pork Loin, already roasted, a bit too dry... leftover ideas?

It's all sliced and it was roasted last night with rosemary and garlic. I was too busy at the time, didn't baste it enough, and now it's a bit dry and tasteless. How can I rehydrate and turn it into something wonderful tonight?

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  1. You could make a tonato (sp?) sauce - though usually you are supposed to let the meat sit with the sauce on it for 24 hours. This is usually what I do with left over pork. Look for a recipe for Vitello Tonato - I use the one from Marcella Hazan.

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      That's "tonnato". Slice the pork very thin, and put layers in a shallow dish with the sauce smeared between them. To make it even better, some sliced or chopped HB egg as garnish is very good, though I'm not sure what Marcella would say...

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        Surprise surprise, I actually had Tonnato sauce on hand and I liked it better with the pork than with veal, although Vitello Tonnato isn't my favorite dish. (A lot of people have trouble with the flavor combo.)

    2. Sandwiches, omelletes (frittatas), pasta salad, and a last minute addition to stir-fries immediately come to mind.

      1. Shred it and mix it with some good barbecue sauce. You can serve as is or make shredded pork sandwiches. Yum.

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          This is gospel when it comes to leftover pork.

          You can stew it in a nice sauce and make some sammies.

        2. Cut into thin fingers and use in fried rice.
          Make a good gravy & sauce the hell out of those slices and serve over mashed potatoes or on french bread for pork debris poboys.
          Cut into chunks and use as the base for a shepherd's pie.
          Shred and toss with salsa for pork tacos.

            1. Quesadillas are a great use for leftover pork. Add whatever flavors and textures you want.

              You could probably do a fairly decent New Mexican Green Chile stew with leftover pork. Just add it toward the end.

              Add it to a big Asian noodle soup. My local markets have refrigerated packages of fresh asian noodles with the broth flavor pack (produce section). Add whatever asian veggies and other flavor's you'd like, then add pork slices when serving (and lots of chile pepper paste!). Can be OK with higher-end boxed Asian noodle soup mixes too.

              Add to Marsala or Piccata sauce and serve with pasta?

              1. Not necessarily a full meal, but I had some leftover, slightly dry pork loin that I made into crostini with some mango chutney (mine was made with a latin-ish rub). I think it would work with any sort of chutney or other sort of semi-solid ingredient.

                1. Make hash!

                  Mince or chop pork, add a bit of meat broth to moisten.

                  Start by dicing onions and potatoes.

                  Sweat the onions (cook till limp)first in some mild OO in a heavy fry pan. I like to use cast iron.

                  Add a couple more T oil to pan, and add pork, potatoes, seasonings of choice (s&p, parsley, nutmeg, rosemary, garlic, thyme, etc). Add a bit more broth if necessary; you want the mixture pretty moist without being sloppy.

                  Cover, (I use a well-fitting plate) and cook over low-med heat without stirring or turning till a crust is starting to form on the bottom. Invert over an identical-sized pan if you're not clumsy like me, or turn with a large spatula to get large intact chunks. Continue to cook on 2nd side, adding broth as neccesary to keep it moist. Keep it covered.

                  Cook till potatoes are done, a nice crust has formed, and serve with eggs over easy. Or poach the eggs in little wells in the hash.

                  so good, I gar-on-tee. This is good with almost any leftover meat.

                  Adapted from a Julia & Co. cookbook where she made turkey hash.

                  I love hash!

                  1. stir fried rice is great with left over meat. Chop up some onion, celery and carrots and dice up the pork. Stir fry veg first then add pork and heat thru remove all from pan add oil then cold rice. heat thru add fish sauce (just a little) soy and an egg. mix it all together and its done. cilantro and ginger are great if you have em. add them in at the end