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The Dean boys.

Perhaps it’s just me but I really don’t and never have seen the appeal of Paula Dean’s sons. I’ve always found them to be annoying. Now they have there own show. Haven’t seen it.

Am I missing something? Is there in fact substance to these two? Or is this just another case of the Food Network giving us more of what we don’t want.

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  1. Truth be told, I haven't seen it either. BUT that's probably because it seems like another transparent attempt to manufacture more food celebrities that FN likes to hoist upon the public. The Dean offspring seemed fine enough when they appeared on Paula's show, but a whole show dedicated to them muckering around the country doesn't really seem interesting at all. But of course, I haven't seen it so I can't really be sure :-).

    1. Depends on what you define as "substance". I like them even more out on the road and out of the kitchen. The show focuses on local popular restaurants around the country. They're personalities hosting other cooks and their food. The Food Network only shows actual cooking from their own kitchens before Emeril Live. It's kinda like filler from 9pm to 11pm. It is still network television that has to compete with the other stations. They can't do it with re-runs of Sandra Lee.

      1. I didn't even like them on her show--seemed rather foolish/immature for their ages...

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        1. I don't watch Paula, though it's more a matter of her culinary style than her personality. But I have come across her sons' show and it is simply awful. Provided that there is not anything actually WRONG with those boys, they act like a couple of simpletons. The show is a particularly artless commercial; each segment culminates with either Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum insisting that "This is the best thing I've ever had!" and demanding "How are you going to get it to me??" Then the purveyor explains her shipping method in painful detail.

          Now I have no problem with a well produced show that finds great mail order sources and tells me all about them. I just don't want to have to watch two fawning idiot step all over each other's lines while I'm hearing about the great products!

          One of the reasons that I've actually watched the show was an episode that featured a company that makes Italian rice balls. I'd never ever heard of them and after watching that segment I feel that my life has been painfully incomplete! Because they are deep fried and that's the only thing I won't do in the kitchen, I'm going to be on the look out for a local source. Then again the company featured on the air did respond positively when asked "How are you going to get it to me??", but it seems to me that these deep-fried goodies should be enjoyed closer to home.

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            Those are called Arincini (my spelling may be off) and are wonderful. There are also many versions. Molded rice, cheese. peas are very good, served with a tomato sauce.

            I've attempted to make them, but it is a bit messy. However, there is a place somewhat nearby that has them on the menu. So when we feel like them off we go.

          2. I can't bear to watch it, even as background when I'm working in the kitchen. It's too awful.

            1. The more I watch this show (only because there is nothing else on the other 200 channels at that time), the more apparent it becomes that their show is nothing but an infomercial. I wonder how much these places pay for that kind of advertising?

              And I also wonder which one is gay - or are they both gay? Not that there's anything wrong with that. I guess Wikipedia mentions that Jamie is married and has a child, but no mention of Bobby's status. Things that make you go hmmm... They sure are momma's boys though.

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                Those two are such Bubbas. The whole set up with each of the food purveyors is painful to watch. Kind of like the New Chairman on Iron Chef America when he asks: "What is you theme/motivation for the secret ingredient." Its one of those double shiver things.

                I see this along the lines of Food Finds and Unwrapped. One big infomercial.

              2. i kinda liked their show...saw it once or twice...the one where they went to the place where they made BBQ spaghetti...that was interesting...

                1. I don't like their show either. My husband and I think they act alot like overgrown frat boys partying their way across the country. I like Paula Deen, but I don't think her boys inherited the same on-camera charm. They seem like nice enough guys, but I always half-way expect to see a keg hiding in the background somewhere.
                  Stripped down, I think their show and Feasting on Asphalt are conceptually very similar, and while I am an Alton Brown fan, I think the Deen boys pulled off the show better (read: if I want to see road food, I don't want to watch you score a meal some random person's home) by showing places I can actually get food from. However, I felt like the Deens were just doing a good ol'boys version of Food Finds. It wasn't about quality (IMHO since I live in one of the locations they visited) but availability to ship and sell.

                  Since they actually run a restaurant, I would expect them to have basic kitchen skills, but every time they were in a kitchen it was like watching Mutt and Jeff yukking it up for *gosh darn it knee slapping fun* which makes me cringe.

                  1. I think there should be a new drinking game, in which viewers do a shot each time one of them says "dude," "man," or "off the hook."

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                      I was unaware that there was anyone left in America under the age of 50 who still says "off the hook"!!!

                    2. Where do y'all live? 'Cause these two are a type that we have in the South. They are called good ole boys and they are a pretty cute version of same. They are just big bumbly guys who like to act the fool. I am enjoying the show because they are cute and goofy and I like their accents and find the places they go to interesting. Would I rely on their opinions about the places they go to??? Absolutely not - anymore than I would rely on $40 a day, or Best of. I have Chowhound and egullet for recommendations. But I like Bobby and Jamie's personalities - they are familiar and endearing to me.

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                      1. re: kim shook

                        You have just described all of the reasons that I don't like the show.

                      2. As an ex-pat Southerner, I can say that I find the antics of "good ol' boys" repulsive. Paula Dean's two idiot sons are just embarrassing to watch and listen to. Time for the TV Food Network to put these two morons out of our misery.

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                          Agreed... I've lived in various part of the South most of my life (KY, SC, FL, TX) and I've never met people who act like these two... they act like parodies of good ole boys instead of the real thing.

                          1. re: shan

                            Sorry, Shan, but only SC truly counts as the South. And I am finding the slamming of this 'type' a little offensive. Turn it around and make these comments about any other type and you will see what I mean. I mean, these aren't ugly, racist, sexist good ol' boys. They are just big, silly goofs.

                            1. re: kim shook

                              I hear ya loud and clear. (Having spent much time in FL I can still find ittle pockets of the South, however. Overall your point is taken.) It's just that these guys seem to lay the good ol boy thing on a little too thick. Kinda like Mick Jagger overplaying the Mick thing and thus becoming a parody of himself.

                              1. re: kim shook

                                I must agree with you, and I am no fan of the Dean boys. For years I did business with some pretty old school GOBs who had all the negative traits you mention and more. I think that the problem with the Dean boys is that they're simply trying to hard and that their show may be overehearsed or they're being encourage to bring more energy than substance to the table. It's not their accents or their birthplace that's the problem!

                          2. I lived in Georgia for about ten years. I have seen Bubbas like them, but they are taking this whole dumb white boy schtick to the edge. I guess their method acting instructor told them to emote and they never stopped.

                            1. I've seen promos of Paula Deen's new show on the FN--something about Paula's Party? What's that about?

                              1. Paula's Party looks like a Paula version of Emeril Live. As for the Deen boys I actually like them..I went to one of the places and enjoyed what I had. It was a local pie shop. It may not be high art but even that can be tiring in large quantities. Also, these individuals are not paid it is free advertising. Acording to staff at the place we went they are very nice in person and act goofier for the camera than the are in person.

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                                  >Acording to staff...they...act goofier for the camera than they are in person.<

                                  Therein lies the rub.

                                2. For the sake of fairness I did sit down and tried again to watch an episode. That effort lasted about three minutes. Their shtick, real or affected, just annoys the heck out of me.

                                  As for Paula’s new show...haven’t seen it. But as of now it just seems like another case of rehashing the same faces over and over again. I’m also worried that her sons will make an appearance on that show as well.

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                                  1. re: Withnail42

                                    I think they just come off as pretty much non-talents in all aspects. Dull, dull, dull....sort of a poor attempt by some producer to pull off a 'buddy' show. Uncomfortable in the way the old Bobby-Flay vs.Southern BBQ'er show was.

                                  2. I personally think (And am praying) the FTV is setting its self up for disaster. They have found a small group of "Talent" that they are over exposing and pushing on the television audience. There is a lot of this stuff that seems trite and flat out put on/played up. This can't last. You have to base yourself on quality first. You can only sell sizzle so long.


                                    1. What's next?
                                      Give ol' glassy eyed Michael his own show?

                                      You are seeing the power of Gordon Elliott and his Aussie $$$.

                                      1. i think they are nice boys who in real life I would appreciate because they are probably the kind who would stop and help you with a flat tire. but in this format on TV, they are so very annoying. everything is just so golly, gee whiz, new to them and the cities are all so exciting and fit whatever image is most obvious and everything is the best version they've ever had of something, if not the first time they've tried it. it just seems suspect and you can't really go by them as they act like they're experiencing strange new lands, when really they're like, in seattle or something.

                                        1. I'm not too crazy about the Deen brothers. They're alright, I guess--it's hard for me to keep my bias out of the picture because I find Paula Deen far and away the most annoying person on Food Network. I don't mind her accent, but the timbre of her voice and her cackling drives me up the wall. I like the concept of the Deen brothers' show okay; at least it's not another Food Network show on something like How the Gummybear is Manufactured. Those are the shows I wish Food Network would dump.

                                          1. The only reason that the Dean boys have their own show is their momma. Plain and simple. They grate me to my last nerve. They seem like many southern guys that I have met since I moved to Charleston- self centered, a bit gay acting and dressing, SPOILED, immature and about 15 lbs overweight.