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Aug 30, 2006 10:58 AM

roadtrip: st. louis > ? > nashville > knoxville and back again

the sis and i are headed down for a wedding and are making it a 3-day roadtrip. any suggestions for places to stop? the route has not yet been defined -- and i was hoping to do that based on what kind of eats there are (say, in arkansas vs. indiana). we're definitely stopping in nashville for hot chicken, but our primary objective is BBQ, and lots of it. we're big fans of local food, specialties that are particular to a place, and establishments that speak of a particular area.

what say you, chowhounds?

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  1. oh, forgot to mention: louisville is a likely stop as well.

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      Not sure if you're up for the bar scene, but if you are check out Barley's in Knoxville...not sure about directions but it's right off of I-40...A quick google search should yield results.

      Excellent selection of American microbrews and they can sometimes have a good music scene. I'm not sure about the pizzeria part, but if you enjoy beer it's probably one of the better spots in Knoxville in terms of selection.

    2. thanks, IMBP. don't usually do bars with my sister, but if we're not in a coma from all the hot chicken, maybe we'll check it out.

      also, after some additional research, it looks like we might try to stop through either poplar bluff, MO, or (more likely) murphysboro, IL, forr BBQ. it kills me that we're missing the cookoff ( by only a week!

      maybe i need to repost this in the midwest boards.