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Aug 30, 2006 09:33 AM

They closed Giant "Someplace Special" in Maclean

According to today's Post Food section, Giant's "Someplace Special" in Maclean closed last Thursday.

I remember being invited to the opening 24 years ago (I was a cooking teacher then, or at least I taught what passed for cooking then) - stood beside Giant founder Israel Cohen staring at what the crowd had left of a lobster the size of Godzilla.

I didn't see much of a reason to go out of my way to go there, thereafter - figured that I wasn't much of a cook if I couldn't make something great out of what I could find closer to home - and, for some odd reason, the Giant across the street from "Someplace Special" in Maclean also featured upscale food (Now THERE'S an idea! Let's be our own competition!) Still, it was the first of the upscale supermarkets (I count the Sutton Place of that day as a small "gourmet" store) and it's sad to see it go.

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  1. sad to hear that, they were the only place with real homemade sausages nearby. though i saw it coming. when i stopped in last, a couple months ago, the place was empty. not just no customers, but hardly any staff or food on the shelves. with balducci's around the corner, i'm not surprised.

    1. If Izzy Cohen were still around he would not have "given up
      that ship". Everytime I walk into a Giant I hear a funny whirring noise and I believe its Izzy Cohen just spinning in his grave. What Ahold has done to Giant is a shame.

      1. are you talking about the gourmet Giant in McLean? If you are...then the Balducci's (formerly Sutton Place) is a good substitute...I actually like it better. It always seemed weird to me that they placed two Giants across the street from each other...rather than combine the two. I think it was time for it to go.