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Aug 30, 2006 07:38 AM

decent chinese on the west side?

from playa del rey up to brentwood, and from the water to La Cienega, anyone have a dynamite chinese spot?

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  1. as an eastsider, I'll jump in and say NOWHERE

    1. As a third generation Westsider, I, too, would say NOWHERE.

      1. No.

        This is a recurring theme here on ChowhoundLA -- there is no wonderful Chinese food except where there is a critical mass of Chinese people, and that doesn't happen on the Westside.

        The closest you'll get is Little Hong Kong Cafe, J R Seafood, or Hu's Szechwan, and none of those is "dynamite". (Some people really, really hate Hu's... I don't hate it, it's just not wonderful.)

        1. Concur, having lived in W.LA for 20+ years, there is no dynamite Chinese restaurant. For me, J.R. was the closest, but it went downhill and it was recently bought out by Hop Li, which is going to open another Hop Li in the old J.R. location. I've found that Hop Woo on Sepulveda and Olympic is adequate for good food. The service can be rough, but that's how Chinese restaurants operate.

          1. I'm not an expert in Chinese cuisine but VIP Seafood Harbor was pretty good. Northside of Wilshire at Barrington, 2nd floor.

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              I think the operative word here is "was." The restaurant was sold to new owners year before last and it hasn't been the same.