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Aug 30, 2006 06:11 AM

Anyone know of any bakers in GTA that do ... kouign-aman

I just happened to try this pastry when i was in SLC of all places.

It goes by kouign-aman, or kouign amann, or kouing-aman, or kouing-amann. It is something like a croissant but with a thicker buttery dough that is crusted with carmelized sugar. It is originally a Brittany pastry.

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  1. Hey there.
    They are awesome, but I haven't found any in Toronto. Not too many Breton places here. I've got a simple recipe, if you want me to post it on the home cooking board.

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    1. re: tuqueboy

      I'd love to find a recipe, let me know when you post it.

    2. Hi Tuqueboy...thanks for the heads up.

      Patisserie isn't something I added to my personal chow skills yet. This would be as good a reason as any!

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      1. re: kerwintoronto

        Hey there.
        The recipe's up on the home cooking board. It's long and a bit of a pain, but worth trying.

      2. bumping this thread up. any progress on finding kouign amann in the gta, and if so, where? i miss this cake soooo much after trying it in france!

        1. Maybe no luck in Toronto but if you ever come to Montreal we have Patisserie Kouign Amann on Mount Royal St East.They have excellent Bretagne Pastry as well as the best buttery Croissants in Mtl

          1. Bump.

            Had these once in NYC years ago and would love to find them closer than Montreal. Any bakers in Toronto attempting these fantastic cake / breads ?

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            1. re: PoppiYYZ

              Talk to Rachelle at Beast. I know she was doing one for brunch when they first opened.