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Aug 30, 2006 06:03 AM

Austin Dinner

We're going to have dinner with some friends in Austin this Saturday night. We'd love to have a great dinner experience...good food and a great atmosphere. We're staying at the Hilton downtown and would prefer something walking distance.


Also, we are having brunch at the Four Seasons. Anyone have any experiences to report there?

Thanks all.

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  1. For starters, brunch at the Four Seasons will be as much as you could expect. I haven't been in a few years so there are other hounds with more recent experiences who I'm sure will chime in. Here's the link, just click on menus.

    Across the street from the Hilton is Moonshine. I've been for Sunday brunch and for dinner. The food is very good (corn dog shrimp and fried asparagus are favorite appetizers). It's an upscale casual place with a variety of clientele so the people watching is great. I believe I have heard the menu described as comfort food with a twist. I like this place.

    Gumbos on Colorodo between 7th and 8th is my favorite for a number of reasons. The ambiance is wonderful and across the hall is the Brown Bar which is a great place for a cocktail while waiting if you forgot to make a reservation. I actually come early just to do this. The tenderloin George is fabulous as are the seafood entrees. Decent wine list, too.

    Finally, I have to mention the Roaring Fork. I love this place. For a casual dinner, there is an extremely reasonably priced bar menu which includes green chili, braised ribs, lamb chops, a shrimp dish a pizza dish (pan de campo is what it's called but it's basically a pizza) and a few others. They make a great beef jerkey for a bar snack, as well as a standard nut mixture bar snack. For a total dining experience, the dining room is lovely and gets you out of the more casual feel of the bar. Check the website for the dinner menu. I think they have some special dishes right now for summer time dining.

    1. What kind of food are you looking for? I read your post and immediately thought of Driskill Grill, but then read Rene's and thought maybe I missed something. For a fine dining "great dinner experience" I highly recommend Driskill Grill. Recently reported on our dinner there about three weeks ago, so you can look that up if you're interested.

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        Also agree about Driskill Grill. If you're gonna shell out for brunch at the Four Seasons then you might as well go to the Driskill too.

        I dislike Moonshine. It's typical overpriced downtown food that is not particularly interesting. I find Roaring Fork a much better value.

      2. We don't really have a real preference, but everyone likes to get dressed up (i.e. suits/dresses)and have a great dining experience.

        We all like Italian, steaks, seafood, Mediterranean, etc. One of party has an aversion to Indian.

        The guys like to smoke a cigar after the fact and have a good drink, too.

        Thanks again all.

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          Driskill Grill would be perfect for the dressing up part of what you're looking for. Beautiful dining room and a diverse, interesting and innovative menu. Don't know about the cigars, though. Not many places you can smoke anything any more! Not even outside!

        2. An alternative to the brunch at the Four Seasons is Capitol

          For $17, you get unlimited basket of pastries, bottomless mimosas [try one with grapefruit juice instead of orange juice], and a choice of entree. Entrees range from standard breakfast fare [eggs benedict, omelets] to mussels and my personal favorite, steak frites. A generous portion of cooked-to-order hanger steak with a side of the most delicious fries I've ever had.

          Nice french casual atmosphere...service can sometimes be a little slow, but if you are not in a hurry to be anywhere else, it's definitely worth a try.

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          1. re: robertperezcpa

            This is a great post! I've been trying to get this type of comment on Capitol Brasserie! I'm going this weekend. Thanks! Rene'

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              For more comments on Capitol Brasserie, search back a few weeks. I believe another 'hound (maybe Brent Howard?) posted twice about it. If I recall correctly, he found it disappointing.


          2. I'll go along with Moonshine, too. Other good choices within walking distance of your hotel are Sullivan's on Colorado for steaks, Don Emilia's on Caesar Chavez for eclectic Latin American (lots of fine seafood dishes), and Finn & Porter, which is also great for steaks and seafoods and is in the Hilton.