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Aug 30, 2006 05:18 AM

Seasonal dessert ideas for afternoon birthday party

I'm having some friends (probably 8-15 people) over this weekend to celebrate my birthday. I want to serve a smoky black Russian Caravan tea and a California sparkling wine as the beverages. Anybody have any recipes for me? I would like some kind of seasonal fruit dessert and maybe something with chocolate that would taste good with both the tea and the wine. I'm in the SF Bay Area.

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  1. What's wrong w/chocolate dipped strawberries??? Saddle w/some fresh whipped cream....oooooohhhhhh yeh! And, maybe a madeline or two. Get fancy and inject some berries w liquor. I've used Frangelico, Chambord and Amaretto. You've got Scharffen Berger in your backyard! Go get ya some..
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