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Aug 30, 2006 04:23 AM

Nice Lunch Special at Chance on Smith St.

Today, too hungry to travel to East Broadway, I settled for Chance on Smith, which was advertizing a $7.00 lunch special of chili chicken. It was great...totally Americanized, but by no means dumbed down. It was actually a little spicy, without even asking, not overly sauced or sweetened, and made with higher quality ingredients. There was some skill evident in this minor lunchtime cooking. How's dinner?

This place had me confused for a long time because of the words French and Fusion in their concept. Chance is a Chinese restaurant, and it's possibly better than any Brownstone B'klyn Chinese I've had--I know that's not saying much--but I was nonetheless impressed.

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  1. I really enjoy their food as well. I think the selection of dim sum and dumplings is interesting. All of the food I've had there, be it take out or dining in, has been very good. In compasrison to the run of the mill Chinese joints around, I think Chance is in a different league. Although I think on the whole there is no Chinese in the area that is all that remarkable, though I would be interested to hear suggestions of anyplace in the neighborhood that I may have missed.

    1. Chance is not typical Chinese food. It is in the fusion variety, but very well done. their dim sum is excellent, the service is pretty good, and the prices are good.

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        Dim sum nearby--this is an exciting prospect! What is the cross street of this place? Any dim sum items you recommend?

        1. I, too, was pleasantly surprised by the lunch special. The breadth of the menu freaked me out at first -- (prompting flashbacks to the scourge of Smith Street, that many-headed monster... Faan). They couldn't be more different. I've liked everything I've tried, even the pad thai, which could rival that of many of this neighborhood's Thai places. The food's certainly not great, but it's consistently better than you would expect for its "type" and the service and surroundings are hard to beat for the price. My fiance and I often split one lunch special (which comes with soup, salad, rice, and dumplings) and one dim sum special (typically 6 pieces, if memory serves). For us, this solves the goldilocks dilemna -- the former is too much and the latter a bit too meagre for a meal. Never been for dinner - Most certainly less of a bargain, but I'm sure the food is still tasty.

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            Dinner can be surprisingly reasonable as well. They always have 2 prix fixe options -- 3 courses for either $17 or $26, and the choices make either one a good value. I like their varieties of fish, and the dumplings are available at dinner too. Hot and sour soup (very tasty) is $2, and other apps are similarly well priced. We've always enjoyed their food, and service is generally excellent as well.