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Aug 30, 2006 03:58 AM

Looking for great bbq around Cary, NC

I am heading with my girlfriend next weekend to visit family, and am looking for great bbq recommendations in the area. Traveling over an hour is ok if its worth it, but am unsure if I can get the permission to travel to Lexington. Though not sure exactly how far it really is.

Please help an educated yankee, find some great NC style que.


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  1. Rub's Smokehouse in Morrisville is def'y your best bet for all-around good 'cue. Good brisket, ribs, and pulled. But for the best pulled pork, in the Eastern NC style, I'd still suggest Allen & Son in Chapel Hill, which is def'y under an hour drive from Cary, probably 40mins tops.

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      While I really like Rub's que, their hours of operation...well...rub me the wrong way. Sorry, couldn't resist! They are only open 11-3 on weekdays. Not open for dinner on weekdays and closed all weekend. Catering only to the RTP lunch crowd is truely exaperating for us non-RTPers. I spoke to the owner about this and he said he can make more money catering on weekends than he can keeping his place open.

      So foodjunkie, if you're only going to be here for the weekend, Rub's won't be an option for you. I concur about Allen & Son and you might also want to check out the Barbeque Joint nearby off Weaver Dairy Rd. in Chapel Hill.

    2. Right about Allen & Sons, the one on 86 NOT the one on 54.


      They are the only place around that still cooks "the old fashioned way" with the wood pit fired around 3:30AM daily. They seem not to be doing dinner Tues and Wed these days though.